'Worst Case of Cockroaches' Exposed as Mom's 'Hell Hole' House Is Infested

The "worst case of cockroaches" has been exposed by a man who filmed "hundreds" of them infesting an apartment that was home to a mom and her kids.

Kwajo Tweneboa, a self-styled social housing activist, posting under @KwajoHousing, shared stomach-churning clips to his Twitter account showing a house crawling with insects and mold.

"The worst case of cockroaches I have come across along with other issues," he captioned the beginning of the thread, which can be seen here.

Tweneboa shared the posts earlier this month, as he walked through the property in London, where a mom and her three kids, aged four, 10, and 12, were living. The property is managed by L&Q housing.

The various videos have amassed more than 500,000 views in total, as Tweneboa starts by filming doors that are so swollen they barely close—or open.

But a truly horrifying sight was yet to come, as Tweneboa filmed a substantial leak, over various power sockets, which had left black mold growing up the wall.

"This leak has been going since the 11th of January," he said.

He also shared photos showing scores of cockroaches stuck on a trap, as he claimed there are "hundreds" in the house.

And Tweneboa filmed a room where the carpet was crawling with the bugs, saying: "This is just some of the cockroaches under her child's bed. She doesn't go under there any more because of how bad they are.

"Exterminators that came in said they couldn't do the bedrooms where it's the worst."

He also spoke to a woman, who claimed she was the mom living in the apartment, who said she'd lived there since 2012.

She added she'd been living with the cockroaches for "more than a year."

"My daughter is scared, she can't sleep, my son too, you saw under his bed, in the night he has to come and sleep in my bed because he can't sleep," the mom said.

While she added: "My mental health is completely damaged, I don't even want to say anything because I don't want anybody to come and take my kids away from me."

Tweneboa summed up by saying: "Mum ultimately wants her and her kids moved out of this what and only be described as a 'Hell Hole' and so she should."

Numerous people commented, as Paul Thornhill wrote: "Basic human decency would have no one live in these conditions. The housing authority should be stripped of their ownership rights. This is criminal."

Tash Mula commented: "Thank you so much for what you're doing. So many people live in terrible conditions and feel they have no voice and no power to have the basics such as decent housing. You're a blessing."

Calvin raved: "You're an inspirational man. The awareness you brought to this family's situation will change their lives forever."

BarneyPocketRocket added: "Amazing work. But it shouldn't fall to you to shame them. No one should be living like this at all. But huge thanks to you."

L&Q told Newsweek they "apologise unreservedly for the upset and disruption that this has caused," while confirming that the family had since been rehoused.

"We're very sorry about the unacceptable conditions in this home. We've already apologised to the resident and have agreed to rehouse them permanently, in a home that is suitable.

"The family were moved into temporary accommodation in January. Since then, we have been working closely with them and the heating supplier to ensure we put things right in their current home.

"Inspections to investigate the issues with the heating system and the resulting damage to the property, including the doors, have already been carried out.

"A pest control report has now been completed and the infestation will be cleared. Engineers are scheduled to fix the heating system this week, and following this we will carry out any remaining repairs needed."

They added they're liaising with other residents in the block to inspect their homes as well.

Tweneboa has been making waves in the U.K.'s social housing scene since last year, after petitioning for repairs to his own home from his housing association, Clarion.

He claims he appealed for repairs for more than a year over various defects, including mold, rotten fixtures, leaks, and no ceiling, but only after his campaign went viral online action was taken.

Clarion issued a statement, saying: "We acknowledge the inconvenience the repairs and issues at this property have caused and apologise if Mr Tweneboa feels we haven't provided the service expected from us," the Wimbledon Times reported last May.

A Dragons' Den investor—known as Shark Tank in the U.S.—has now pledged £10,000 ($13,572) to help Tweneboa's crusade for housing justice. Investor Steven Bartlett offered the funds to the activist this week, according to the BBC.

There are numerous problems facing social housing in the UK, thought to stem in part from the 1980s policy of allowing tenants to buy their own home.

This led to depleted stock, with charity Shelter claiming that there are still 1.5 million fewer homes today than there were in 1980.

Shelter said: "Simply put, not enough housing has been built to meet the country's needs.

"Increasing numbers of households who would benefit from a social home are being left to compete for a shrinking number of available properties, the quality of which has also suffered because of a lack of continued investment."

Newsweek reached out to Tweneboa for comment.

File photo of a cockroach.
File photo of a cockroach. A video has been shared online showing the "worst case of cockroaches" in a mom's house. Backiris/Getty Images