WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Who Crosses Paths with Randy Orton Next?

It's the final Monday Night RAW before the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia and the WWE is having an interesting time juggling the build towards that, Elimination Chamber in March and WrestleMania in April.

To start things off, fans will see Brock Lesnar live on Monday Night RAW tonight as he gets ready for his WWE Championship match against Ricochet at Super Showdown. The last time Lesnar was on RAW he reminded his opponent who he's facing when he hit the F-5 just after Ricochet won his match in the main event.

With Drew McIntyre waiting for a match with the WWE Champion at WrestleMania, is Lesnar poised to face Ricochet on Thursday or will he get caught looking too far ahead?

Randy Orton took out Edge the day after his miraculous return, and he then injured Matt Hardy two Mondays in a row. With both in his rearview mirror, what will Orton do next? The Viper doesn't have a scheduled match at Super Showdown, so fans may see a new feud for Orton as he heads towards Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania.

RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch called out Shayna Baszler last week after the "Submission Magician" attacked her a few weeks back. Baszler is scheduled to enter the Elimination Chamber to challenge for a spot at WrestleMania, but can either woman wait until then to square off or will see both combustible combatants go at it tonight?

Here's everything that happened on the February 24 episode of Monday Night RAW.

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Randy Orton Promo

  • After a recap package of the events of the past few weeks, Randy Orton comes out to tell the crowd that he's truly sorry for what he did to Edge.
  • Kevin Owens interrupts Orton and says he's been dealing with other delusional people on RAW—namely, Seth Rollins and his crew. But he has to put that aside because he has a problem with Orton. He says that he feels Randy doesn't really feel sorry.
  • Owens says he remembers watching Edge retire. And now he won't get to share the ring with Edge because of Orton's actions. KO asks Randy why he attacked Edge.
  • He says that Owens thinks he knows him, and Edge thought he knew him too.
  • KO says that he's sick of talking and wants to fight. Orton accepts, but not right now and leaves the ring.

Angel Garza and Zelina Vega Interview

  • Zelina says their business with Humberto Carrillo is like a chore. They have to take out the trash. She says that after Garza defeats his cousin, he'll come for the top spot.

Angel Garza (with Zelina Vega) vs Humberto Carrillo

  • Garzawins via pinfall after a roll up in a highly competitive match

Ricochet vs Luke Gallows

  • AJ Styles and Karl Anderson are not at ringside
  • Ricochet wins via pinfall after a Recoil and a Shooting Star Press
  • Paul Heyman is watching backstage and smiling at the match


  • Gallows and Anderson are fighting backstage when AJ Styles tells them to stop and act like the best tag team in the world.
  • Styles says that a miracle can happen on Thursday if Ricochet defeats Brock Lesnar. He says that'll be alright because he'll be right there to take the title off of Ricochet.
  • Aleister Black walks past them when AJ Styles calls him back. He tells him that because he's won a few matches he walks around here like he owns the place. Styles tells him who they are and that they want to remind him who they are. Anderson sucker punches Black and the three OC members gang up on him before leaving

Looks like #TheOC has a major problem with @WWEAleister on #RAW... pic.twitter.com/wxUIbK2fBf

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2020

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Segment

  • Lesnar and Heyman come out. Paul says that Lesnar doesn't fight often so when he does it's special. He says that on Thursday, Lesnar owes Ricochet an uppercut for what happened at the Royal Rumble.
  • Heyman says there are no "ifs" in Ricochet's match with Lesnar.
  • He then says that Lesnar will F-5 McIntyre at WrestleMania and finally be done with him and that's not a prediction, it's a spoiler.

.@BrockLesnar & @HeymanHustle have a message for @KingRicochet & @DMcIntyreWWE...they're awaiting #WWESSD, #WrestleMania and SUPLEX CITY!#RAW pic.twitter.com/mKEg7cEoGU

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2020

Erick Rowan vs Aleister Black

  • Black is still selling the OC attack
  • Toward the end of the match, Rowan runs after Black on the outside and accidentally hits the steel steps that his cage is on. While it wasn't revealed what was in the cage, Rowan took too long to check on the cage. When he entered the ring to avoid the count out, Black hits two Black Masses to pick up the victory
  • Black wins via pinfall after two Black Masses
  • After the match, Black is asked about overcoming the odds. Black says he has unbridled rage and next week he and AJ Styles will fight on RAW.

Drew McIntyre Interview

  • In a sit-down interview, McIntyre explains how he doesn't care if he faces Lesnar or Ricochet at WrestleMania
  • He explains what happened when he was in WWE the first time and how he got fired. He then explains he came back through NXT and now he's back on RAW.
  • He goes on to say how hard he worked to get back to WWE and he won't lose at WrestleMania

Truth TV

  • Bobby Lashley and Lana are R-Truth's guests
  • Truth tries to have an interview, but Lana demands a match between he and Lashley. Truth says he rather talk than fight. He then asks Lashley if he saw the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Lana demands the bell and a match happens.

Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

  • Lashley wins via pinfall after a Spear

Elimination Chamber Contract Signing

  • All participants are in the ring except for Shayna Baszler. Asuka grabs the mic from Jerry "The King" Lawler and asks where Baszler is. Jerry says that Shayna was in the arena but the signing must continue.
  • When Liv Morgan signs the contract she slams it in front of Ruby Riott. Shayna eventually arrives from the crowd and signs the contract. She stares down Ruby, Asuka and then Natalya. Natalya walks up to Shayna and it looks like a match is about to happen when Asuka pushes Natalya to get in Baszler's face. Natalya jumps Asuka while Liv Morgan jumps Ruby Riott.
  • Becky Lynch comes out and she and Shayna brawl in the ring before being pulled apart.

Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) vs Murphy (with Seth Rollins)

  • Before the match, The Street Profits cut a promo and say they have an opportunity this Thursday to get a RAW Tag Team Championship match. And that they will win the RAW Tag Team Championships.
  • Dawkins wins after Seth Rollins interferes after only a minute
  • After the bell, Montez Ford calls out Rollins and challenges him

Montez Ford vs Seth Rollins

  • In the beginning of the match, Dawkins and Murphy are ejected from ringside
  • Rollins wins via pinfall after a Stomp in a competitive match

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

  • During the match, Seth Rollins and his crew come out and distract KO. The Viking Raiders and Street Profits take out Murphy and the AOP leaving Rollins alone.
  • Orton wins via pinfall after a DDT
  • The finish was set up when the referee did a fast count. After the match, KO tears the referee's shirt open and reveals he's wearing a Seth Rollins shirt. He hits the referee with a Stunner and puts him through a table.