'Yellowstone' Episode 4 'Winning or Learning' Reveals Who Ordered the Hit on the Duttons

Episode 4 of Yellowstone Season 4 gave the biggest clue yet as to who was behind the assassination attempts on the Dutton family.

So far this season, the family has been trying to figure out who tried to kill John, Beth and Kayce at the end of Season 3, but the black sheep of the family, Jamie, may have just unearthed the answer.

Episode 4, "Winning or Learning," featured as much violence, intrigue and beautiful vistas as you'd expect from an episode of Yellowstone. A spoiler alert is in force from this point on as we recap the main events of Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 4.

Who Tried to Kill the Duttons?

John sets Kayce the task of visiting Jamie and finding out more information about who ordered the assassination attempts. Beth had previously accused her brother of ordering the hits, but he denied it.

John tells Kayce that if Jamie winces or refutes their attempt to interview an inmate linked to the crimes, then they have their answer.

Luckily for the Duttons, Jamie doesn't blink when Kayce asks him for a favor, and perhaps out of relief, tells his brother that he loves him. Jamie now has been set the mission of interviewing a man behind bars who was apparently hired to kill the family.

Later on in the episode, Jamie receives a file back from the Bureau of Prisons and starts to scroll through some listed names. He's stopped in his tracks when he reads the name "Garrett Randall" — his birth father.

It's a blow for Jamie as he's just started to get closer with his biological dad. Seeing his name in the prison records could suggest that he could be linked to the assassination attempts made against the Dutton family.

Wes Bentley Yellowstone image
Jamie Dutton's (Wes Bentley) world was turned upside down with the revelations about his birth in Season 3 of "Yellowstone." Paramount Network

Is Sonofabitch Stew a Real Thing?

Elsewhere in the episode, we see the ranch hands enjoying food that Teeter prepared for them, until she reveals that she calls it "son'bitch stew." Some are put off by the reveal, while others continue to eat.

Sonofabitch stew is a real dish, which was a favorite of cowboys in the American West. There are many recipes for this beef stew, but the main theme is that its contents are "literally everything from the cow that nobody else wants" including the brain, heart, liver and even offal from a calf.

One of the ranch hands in Yellowstone claims they have an eyeball in Teeter's sonofabitch stew.

What Else Happens in Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 4?

Beth has an eventful episode, getting offered a job for Market Equities with Caroline Warner. Caroline wants to hire Beth as their "monster" who will help develop projects in Montana. Beth tells John she might take the job, but will remain loyal to him.

The episode opens with a reprieve of "All I See Is You," which we heard in Episode 3 as Jimmy left Yellowstone ranch. By the end of Episode 4 he's dropped off at his final destination, the 6666 ranch in Texas.

Kayce is also set to leave Yellowstone ranch for a little while as he take his wife Monica and son Tate to stay with grandpa Felix.

Next week marks the halfway point of the series as Episode 5 airs on the Paramount Network.

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 5, "Under a Red Blanket," will air on Sunday, November 28, at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT.

Yellowstone Dutton family
Jamie may have discovered who tried to kill his family in Episode 4 of "Yellowstone" on Paramount Network. Paramount Network