You Can Now Get Paid $1,500 to Smoke Weed for a Month

A company is looking to pay a group of people $1,500 each to smoke weed for an entire month—and will even provide the cannabis.

Flower and Freedom, which describes itself as a "wellness website," is searching for testers to form a new team of "cannabis effects specialists."

Owner David Rhodes said the company was seeking up to five people to take on the 30-day role and confirmed that the chosen few would have "all cannabis and equipment provided to them." On top of that, they will be paid a $1,500 stipend.

The testers will need to follow strict testing procedures and have a good command of English in order to submit reviews and share their experiences during the study. Feedback will be given via verbal questionnaires as well as video calls.

The job description reads: "We have a few different theories behind the pros and cons of casual cannabis use, and we want to provide more information to our community. We are aware that cannabis can affect people in different ways, and different dosages will have different effects, but we are keen to test some of our theories.

"Our team of 'cannabis effects specialists' will be putting some of our theories to the test on how cannabis can affect someone's mood, sleep, appetite, motivation and more."

Rhodes explained that he began experimenting with cannabis more than a decade ago after he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammation of the bowel.

"It was one of the only things that was helping with my symptoms. Since then I got into growing my own cannabis and been a huge activist for its medical and recreational benefits ever since," he said.

The position is open to anyone in the world over the age of 21, but Flower and Freedom's job description stresses that recreational cannabis use must be legal in applicants' home jurisdictions.

The recreational use of cannabis is legal in more than a dozen U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia. These states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.

In other states, such as Louisiana, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, cannabis use is only permitted for medicinal purposes, or in other forms such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Cannabis use remains illegal in Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wyoming.

To apply to become one of the Flower and Freedom weed testers, fill in the form here by October 1, detailing why you'd be the perfect candidate.

File photo of cannabis.
File photo of cannabis. A company is looking to pay a group of people $1,500 to smoke weed for a month. MysteryShot/Getty Images