'Young Justice: Outsiders' What We Learned from Episodes 10-13

The latest batch of Young Justice: Outsiders episodes have dropped on the DC Universe streaming service. Episodes 10-13 act as the third season's midseason finale before it goes on a bit of a hiatus.

The new episodes offer up some interesting tidbits about the world of Young Justice as new heroes are introduced, and new developments in the Light's plan come to … light.

With four episodes dropping at once, there's a lot to get through. Here are the important things we learned from episodes 10-13 of Young Justice: Outsiders.

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The world of Young Justice is just as large as its DC Comics source material. There are a ton of villains and heroes already running around in Young Justice: Outsiders and now even more have been introduced.

First, Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, was fully brought into Young Justice. After suffering a STAR labs accident, Stone's father, Silas, used the Father Box (given to him by the Justice League) to bring his son back from the brink of death.

Cyborg left STAR Labs with help from Halo and is now at Happy Harbour with the Outsiders team.

There are other potential heroes, too. While Halo and Forager attend high school they make a friend named Harper Row. Fans of the comics will recognize that name as the civilian name of Bluebird, Batman's new sidekick during the New 52 era of DC Comics.

Another Easter Egg is hidden in Episode 10. Victor Stone's football teammates bully a hispanic kid named Cisco, which fans of the CW series The Flash will recognize as the civilian name of Vibe.


Gretchen Goode was revealed to be a part of The Light in the last batch of episodes, and now we finally see what they have planned for the Goode Goggles.

The VR device tests for the metagene and, if the wearer tests positive, they are brainwashed and instructed to go to a facility run by The Light.

Beast Boy uses the Goode Goggles, but is able to overcome the brainwashing. This ordeal helps him figure out that Gretchen Goode is behind everything, which gives The Team a lead on the metahuman trafficking.

Cyborg is joining 'Young Justice: Outsiders' DC Entertainment/NewsGeek


Halo is one of the most powerful, and mysterious, characters on the Outsiders. While her backstory has been revealed little by little, this new batch of episodes confirmed what the deal is with Halo and her connection to the new hero, Cyborg.

After the Fatherbox was used to revive Cyborg, Halo began to feel off and her power to open Boom Tubes was activated while she was at school. She goes to STAR Labs and temporarily cleanses Cyborg of the Fatherbox's murderous tendencies.

Halo didn't know how her power activated, but Superboy remembers that he found a Motherbox dissected in the Markovia metahuman lab. The Team comes to the conclusion that the Motherbox's soul left its physical body and went into Halo's dead body. So she's a hybrid Motherbox and human.

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Beast Boy meets the Monkey God. Screenshot/DC Universe


When Beast Boy is under the control of the Goode Goggle, it's revealed that his abilities aren't just a product of a blood transfusion from Miss Martian.

Beast Boy is approached by a green monkey who refers to himself as the Monkey God and explains that he chose him to inherit his powers. The Monkey God asks Beast Boy if he ever wondered why he can only transform into animals and not anything else like a Martian can? The blood transfusion pushed the process faster but isn't the source.

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Tara, Geo-Force's sister, was recovered in Episode 13 and brought into the fold. She has the ability to move the earth similar to her brother, and was seemingly brainwashed to perform assassinations and fight in metahuman gladiator matches.

However, when she arrived at Happy Harbour, it's revealed that she has been planted by Deathstroke (and likely The Light) to infiltrate The Team.

Fans of the Teen Titans may recognize this plot thread from the storyline known as The Judas Contract. In that story, Tara joins the Teen Titans and becomes a full-fledged member but it's revealed she was a mole for Deathstroke sent to tear apart the team from the inside.

It seems like Young Justice: Outsiders will be taking a page from that story and we'll seeTara be a spy for The Light. It doesn't seem like she's brainwashed, but viewers will have to see how the story plays out when the series returns.

What do you think of the last batch of Young Justice: Outsiders episodes? Is there anything you caught that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.