YouTuber MrBeast Finishes Work on Real-life 'Squid Game' With Fans Given Tour of Set

A YouTuber who pledged to create a real-life version of Squid Game has taken a significant step towards making that promise a reality.

Last month YouTube star MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, promised to recreate the hit Netflix series if a particular TikTok video of his garnered over 10 million likes.

At the time of writing, the clip has accumulated more than 17 million likes.

True to his word, Donaldson has been busy putting together his own version of Squid Game with the project reportedly costing the YouTuber upwards of $2 million.

I now have every game from Squid Game built in real life :)

— MrBeast (@MrBeast) November 13, 2021

Now fans have been given a first look at the finished work with Donaldson sharing a video to TikTok and Twitter that takes viewers on a tour of the sets created.

The clip showcases his efforts in recreating the setting of the show's iconic "Red Light, Green Light" game as well as the memorable backdrops that serve as the setting for the later games "Ppopgi" and "Marbles."

The video is soundtracked by "Pink Soldiers" the song by 23 that has come to be associated with all things Squid Game.

As well as the games themselves, fans also get a glimpse of someone dressed as one of the pink guards from the show as well as the bunks that serve as the contestants' sleeping quarters on the Korean survival series.

"I now have every game from Squid Game built in real life," Donaldson wrote alongside the clip posted to Twitter.

Responding to a comment posted underneath the clip, the Youtuber confirmed that the sets cost around $2 million to build with a further $1.5 million spent on prizes.

The two videos have garnered over 18 million views across TikTok and Twitter with fans eager to sign up for the show.

"This looks epic, I want to join," one fan wrote on TikTok. "Where do I sign up"?" another asked. "I wanna play," a third said with another declaring "I'm ready."


Reply to @m1.6zzz since you all have been asking… #beastgame

♬ Pink Soldiers - 23

Unfortunately, it would appear that they have missed the boat to compete.

In a previous TikTok post shared on November 3, Donaldson encouraged his followers to "wish the 456 contestants good luck next week" in a remark that indicated places may have already been allocated.

The YouTuber, who has 73.9 million subscribers, previously invited fans to sign up by following MrBeast on TikTok and commenting on a video posted to the platform by Donaldson.

That video has since been removed.

In the TV series, 456 cash-strapped participants take part in a series of seemingly innocent children's games with a mega-money prize up for grabs. Win the game and they progress to the next round but lose, and they will face a brutal and immediate death.

The violent nature of the show made the series a source of some controversy after several schools reported that children were creating some of the games.

Donaldson's version will, of course, not feature any of the lethal violence that made Squid Game such a source of contention, however, the specifics of the event remain a closely guarded secret.

The YouTube star is no stranger to contests of this kind though, having previously hosted an extreme game of "tag" with a $500,000 prize up for grabs.

More recently, 100 fans battled it out for $500,000 as part of a competition in which they had to remain inside a circle drawn on the ground. The event went on for 12 days before a winner was crowned.

Newsweek has contacted Donaldson for comment.

A scene from the "Squid Game" series.
A scene from the "Squid Game" series on Netflix - a YouTuber has given fans a look at the finished set for his real-life version of the hit Netflix show. Netflix