Zombie Shark Discovered at Abandoned Aquarium in Nightmarish Video

A zombie-like shark has been discovered by an urban explorer at an abandoned aquarium. Juju_Urbex shared her nightmarish footage on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram, where it has been viewed thousands of times.

Decaying shark found in abandoned aquarium
Decaying shark found in abandoned aquarium. Urban explorer Juju_Urbex made the discovery at an unnamed, deserted aquarium in Spain. Juju_Urbex

The social media presenter and her friend visited an unnamed, deserted aquarium in Spain, with the footage providing a creepy look into what happens after former zoos or aquariums are shut down and abandoned.

The video showed the explorers gaining access to the aquarium via a window and finding themselves in a darkened space with debris littering the floor.

Using flashlights, they began to search the interior of the aquarium, coming across various items including a plastic or foam squid that at first sight appeared to be real. Shattered glass jars with the remains of sea creatures, including what appeared to be an octopus, were also found scattered on the floor of the aquarium.

The video culminated in them approaching a broken glass case which contained the body of a small dead shark. The shark appeared partially preserved, but had visibly begun to decay after exposure to the air, giving it a zombie-like appearance with rotting muscles and bone structure showing.

"I was surprised to see this shark. It made me sad, even if it was already dead before the place was abandoned," Juju_Urbex told Newsweek. "Above all I wondered why it had never been removed."

The social media star said in the video that some of the animals seemed to have been taken away, perhaps transferred to other aquariums or zoos, while the shark and other animals were left behind.

Juju_Urbex with the decaying shark
Juju_Urbex with the decaying shark. The urban explorer said it was the "creepiest" thing she had ever encountered on her travels to deserted spaces. Juju_Urbex

She said it was not the first time she had encountered dead animals on her wanderings through desolate urban spaces, which has also seen her visit deserted theme parks and even the area of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

"I have found pets in abandoned houses before ... It's horrible, they often starved to death," Juju_Urbex said.

Urban exploration typically involves people exploring built-up environments that are partially destroyed or abandoned and no longer active. The practice has grown with the internet, with explorers posting about their experiences on forums and social media sites and sharing tips about deserted spaces.

Despite visiting dozens of such sites, Juju_Urbex said the Spanish aquarium and the shark had a strong impact on her. "I think finding the shark is the creepiest experience I've had. It was still intact and really scary with all its teeth," she said.