Follow 3 Simple Sleep Hacks From the 'Fittest Man on Earth' To Improve Rest

In a video viewed 8.7 million times on TikTok, five-time CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser—once dubbed the "Fittest Man on Earth"—has offered up his top three sleep hacks to ensure the best possible night's rest.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the recommended daily amount of sleep for a healthy adult over a typical 24 hour period as at least 7 hours a night.

However, a significant proportion of the U.S. adult population are failing to hit this number. The American Sleep Association estimates 37 percent of 20- to 39-year-olds and 40 percent of 40-to 59-year-olds suffer do not get enough sleep.

A lack of sleep can have a knock-on effect too, with the CDC estimating that around 33 percent of short sleepers are likely to also be obese, while 27.2 percent were found to be physically inactive. Given the importance of sleep to overall health and wellbeing, any advice on the subject is always likely to be welcome.

A man sleeping in a bed.
Stock image of a man sleeping. A CrossFit champion's three tips for sleeping well have gone viral. gorodenkoff/Getty

So when the YouTube channel iKonick decided to share some of the tips Fraser gave in an interview, people sat up and listened.

Fraser began competing in CrossFit events back in 2012 before turning professional in 2014. A blend of high-intensity training, power lifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, plyometrics, weightlifting and kettle bell lifting among other exercises, Fraser became the first athlete to win five CrossFit Games titles from 2016 to 2020, earning the title of "Fittest Man on Earth" for his troubles.

Given the punishment he puts his body through, it's only logical that he should follow a strict regimen when it comes to sleep. However, in truth, the three hacks or tips he offered up during the interview were surprisingly straightforward, provided the necessary willpower is there.

According to Fraser, the "best sleep conditions possible" start with a strict ban on all smartphones and television in the time running up to bed.


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"You shouldn't look at blue light for 90 minutes before bed," he said. "8:30 P.M. the phone gets turned off, the TV gets turned off."

"I don't have to go to bed," he adds. "But I can't be on my phone or TV."

The next tip is equally straightforward, with Fraser advising those seeking better sleep to do away with their traditional alarm clocks. "Waking up naturally to light is way better," he said. "It feels way better than waking up to an alarm."

To achieve this, he set up a "giant light bulb" next to his bed that essentially wakes him up with light instead of sound.

"You literally just wake up like 'oh, the day has started'" he explained. "You're not rubbing your eyes and contemplating why you're getting up."

The third and final tip centers on temperature.

"My room is held at 68 degrees in temperature," he said. "That's the ideal sleep temperature."

A straightforward enough set of tips, the advice drew a big response on social media. Dyylo agreed with Fraser's approach, commenting: "Sleep is the number one performance enhancer. All the training means nothing if you're not sleeping right."

Atsu Collective wrote, "Ooo I like the light idea," while Devion May was a strong advocate of Fraser's methods. "I stopped using an alarm 3 years ago and it actually decreases your anxiety for the day," he said. "Also, 2 hours before bed, read a book or do yoga."

Kadyn Ross was less convinced. "Must be nice to have a regular schedule," they said. "What a privilege haha."

Samisucré noted: "Waking up without an alarm…kinda hard when working on shift as a nurse/police/911dispatch, etc."

Subi.96 wondered aloud: "How is this supposed to help when I can easily sleep with the light on," while Eyegem felt Fraser was "doing too much."

Ikonick wasn't having it though, replying: "That's how you win 5x CrossFit championships thoooo."

Newsweek has contacted Ikonick and Fraser for comment.