Ad for 'Not Haunted' Piano Goes Viral As Owner Begs Someone to Take It

A hilarious listing for a piano claims it's "not haunted" despite the owner begging someone to pick it up—for free.

The musical instrument made its way onto Craigslist, where the Florida-based owner put it up for a sale for a measly $1, but clarified no money needed to be exchanged.

The brand was identified as a Lester, dating from around 1966, with photos showing a square-shaped wooden frame, with classic black and white keys, none of which appear to be missing.

Despite it looking to be in good condition, the owner is desperately trying to find it a new home, although the ad may put off potentially interested parties.

A snap of the listing, as well as two photos, was shared to Twitter by Timothy Burke, and says: "Free piano (you pick it up). Lester circa 1966. Lutz area. Not possessed or haunted in any way. Tuned less than 24 months ago; played by human hands ~6 minutes ago.

"Not a player piano—does not play by itself. Comes with bench. Has wheels. Please take this out of my home."

The post, uploaded last week, garnered more than 80,000 likes, and was shared on Reddit on Friday, where it's already been upvoted more than 30,000 times.

Burke captioned his post "I'm sorry what," and shared an update the following day. He wrote: "More than 24 hours ago now I inquired about acquiring the haunted piano. I live nearby and was fully prepared to go pick it up. I have not heard back from the person who posted the ad."

i’m sorry what

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) August 17, 2021

The owner later replied, with Burke sharing the response online, which said: "Currently, yes, but I assure you it is not haunted (to the best of my knowledge.) Let me know if you're still interested. You are next in line and there are four behind you."

It's not clear whether Burke ended up with the piano, but the new owner could stand to make a profit from the instrument.

Website Antique Piano Shop indicates a 1922 Lester Mahogany Baby Grand Piano sold for $25,000, and a Lester Victorian Oak Upright Piano from 1901 is listed at $18,000, after restoration.

A Ludden & Bates (Lester) Upright Piano dating to 1912 is for sale at $28,000, after restoration, and a 1900 Lester Victorian Upright Piano also sold for $18,000 following renovation.

While the piano in the ad dates from a few decades after these pieces, it's likely the owner could have advertised it for more than $1.

Numerous people have commented on the post, with Christophollen saying: "Everybody here talking about it only being played by human hands and that it's SO "not haunted" and missing the fact that IT HAS WHEELS!"

Some Guy thought: "Since it has wheels I assume this haunted piano follows you around playing old timey western saloon songs."

Z Dubya reckoned: "Seems desperate to get rid of this piano that is definitely not haunted and is definitely only played by human hands."

Although Steve Hayward thought: "The ghost is probably associated with the home, not the piano.... Could be worse things for it to be doing."

Newsweek has reached out to Burke.

File photo of a piano.
File photo of a piano. An online ad has gone viral after the owner claimed their piano "was not possessed or haunted" as they begged someone to take it for free. Octavian Rosca/Getty Images