After Sarah Sanders Says Bloomberg's 'Language Is Offensive and Atrocious,' She's Reminded of Her Former Boss Trump

After former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders accused presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg of using offensive language, Twitter users reminded her that her former boss has been accused of doing the same thing.

Sanders, who was President Donald Trump's press secretary until July 2019, made the remarks on Tuesday evening's Hannity on Fox. She spoke about Bloomberg's prospects for securing the Democratic nomination and facing Trump in the November election.

"Not to mention Bloomberg, if he continues to rise, is going to have serious problems with women, with African Americans," Sanders said. "His record, his language, is offensive and atrocious. Then again, maybe he can buy the DNC just like Hillary did and steal it from Bernie [Sanders] like they did in 2016."

Sanders apparently referred to allegations leveled against Bloomberg that the billionaire businessman had used sexist language toward some of his female employees. An investigation of legal documents conducted by Business Insider found that at least 17 women have taken legal action against Bloomberg's company since the 1990s, accusing him of fostering a "toxic" culture in the workplace.

Three of those cases explicitly accused Bloomberg of causing the problems the women described. One woman, according to ABC News, said that Bloomberg had told her to "kill it" after learning that she was pregnant. To date, none of these cases involving Bloomberg have gone to court.

As Sanders said, Bloomberg has also been accused of racism. Some have said that the "stop and frisk" policing policy he oversaw as New York's mayor unjustly targeted black citizens. On Tuesday, the hashtag #BloombergIsRacist began trending after comments he made in 2015 regarding the policy resurfaced.

Twitter user @Acyn shared a clip of Sanders' words on Tuesday evening.

Trump has been accused of offending language on more than one occasion—including an instance where he was caught on tape talking about grabbing women by their genitals. On another occasion, he reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as "s---hole countries."

Thousands of Twitter users responded to the tweet and others that contained the clip of Sanders' words about Bloomberg's language. More than a few had some choice words for what they saw as the former press secretary's hypocrisy.

"You slung lies for Trump, who is the king of offensive language, blatant lies and p---y grabbing, not to mention putting babies in concentration camps," tweeted @MikeSarzo, addressing Sanders.

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, retweeted the clip with a face-palm emoji. He also suggested changing the caption attached to the video.

"Let's try this: 'Sarah Sanders says Donald Trump will have serious problems with Women and African Americans. She also says his language is offensive and atrocious,'" Steele wrote. "Now THAT's believable."

User @kollackwalker wrote that she thought Sanders had been referring to Trump when the former press secretary discussed Bloomberg's "offensive and atrocious language."

"Is she making the comparison with the Pope, because that last time I checked she worked for the most vile, and vulgar person ever to occupy the White House," Voice of Reason (@raggapegs) wrote.

"Offensive and atrocious. What!!??" tweeted @peacelovinMimi. "Sarah. Remember. Your. Old. Boss. ??? Unfortunately we still have to hear the offensive and atrocious from him every day."

"Everything Trump says and does is fine with these people," wrote @NestingNow. "#SarahSanders please save your faux outrage about offensive content and "atrocious" language. Please."

"I guess Sarah Sanders is upset because only Trump is allowed to use offensive and atrocious language," wrote @AliciaM0325. "How dare @MikeBloomberg try to imitate Trump's style! Bad Bloomberg, bad!"

And @Goodlittlebee simply wrote that "Sarah Sanders saying anyone else's language is atrocious while defending Trump is the biggest joke of the year."

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