Who Are The 'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer Acts?

So far on America's Got Talent, audiences have been treated to heartbreaking singers, impressive magicians, hilarious comedians, spellbinding dance routines and death-defying stunts, along with much more.

There are still five weeks to go until the audition rounds are over, with the live shows set to begin on August 9.

Already, judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandell have pressed their Golden Buzzers, sending their favorite act automatically through to the live finals.

Host Terry Crews has also pressed his buzzer, meaning all Golden Buzzers have already been awarded this season.

So, who are the America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer acts? Newsweek has everything you need to know.

Who Are The America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Acts?

Avery Dixon

Saxophonist Avery Dixon, 21, impressed Terry Crews in particular with his incredible America's Got Talent audition.

Ahead of his performance, he shared with the crowd he was born prematurely, weighing just 1 pound and 8 ounces, and was bullied relentlessly as a child due to his "airy" voice. He also shared he contemplated taking his life before discovering his love for the saxophone.

Following his audition, Crews burst onto the stage to press the Golden Buzzer before the judges could cast their votes.

Crews said: "You touched the heart of every human being in this building right now. You've been bullied all your life, but you tell every bully that you have got a big brother named Terry Crews who is here, who's got your back. All those bullies are gonna have to watch you succeed."

Madison Taylor Baez

Madison Taylor Baez's day at the America's Got Talent auditions went in a way should could never have expected.

Baez, a superfan was sitting in the studio audience and took the chance to perform "Amazing Grace" during an open-mic moment.

Simon Cowell then invited 11-year-old Baez to the stage to audition and just like that, Howie Mandel awarded her the golden buzzer after chants from the crowd.

Speaking to host Terry Crews after her performance, Baez said: "I've been to a bunch of shows and I've always planned on auditioning. Now I'm here, and to get the Golden Buzzer, is amazing."

Sara James

Thirteen-year-old Sara James impressed Simon Cowell so much with her cover of Billie Eilish's "Lovely" he just had to press the Golden Buzzer to send her through to the live shows.

James, who is from Poland, shared with the judges now that she was in America to see if dreams really do come true.

Moments before pressing the buzzer, Cowell said: "It must be such an unbelievable feeling doing this in front of an American audience because I'm guessing this is where you dreamt of performing.

"I can remember when I came to America for the first time 20 odd years ago, and that was a moment I'll never forget. And I want to make this a moment for you to remember forever."

Speaking to Crews after the amazing moment, James said: "I'm so grateful and I'm literally the humblest thank you so much."


Lebanese dance troupe, Mayyas gave a hypnotic performance for their America's Got Talent audition.

The all-female dance crew, formed by choreographer Nadim Cherfan, told AGT cameras before their audition they came to the U.S. to pursue their dancing dreams.

Speaking directly to the judges and live audience ahead of their jaw-dropping routine, one dancer shared the reason for auditioning for the U.S.

She reflected: "Lebanon is a very beautiful country. But we live a daily struggle. Unfortunately, being a dancer as a female Arab...is not fully supported yet."

After the Mayyas' performance, Vergara commented: "There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling over here. It was the most beautiful, creative dancing I've ever seen."

She added: "It's time for us to vote, but I want to say something first. I would be so honored to empower you even more in this journey because you deserve it. And I want to be part of this!"

Lily Meola

Singer Lily Meola was the final act to receive the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent this year.

For her audition, Meola performed her original song, "Daydreams."

Meola shared with the judges that she began writing the track when things in her life were going better than she could ever have dreamed of, with a record deal on the table.

Meola said the song and its meaning had "kind of evolved over the past couple of years."

She explained: "I wrote it at a time when things were really beautiful and I was essentially living my daydream. I had a major-label record deal. I had a publishing deal. I had butterflies I was hatching. It was magical. And so, that's where it originated."

The song took on a whole new meaning after her mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and Meola became a full-time caregiver, ultimately losing the record deal.
"Then my life flipped upside down," she said.

There was not a dry eye in the house after Meola's performance and Klum decided to press the golden buzzer, sending gold confetti raining down on Meola.

America's Got Talent Season 17 airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

America's Got Talent has awarded all of it's golden buzzers so far. Pictured L to R: Lily Meola, Avery Dixon, Mayyas and Sara James