Ann Coulter Vows Not to Watch Impeachment Hearings, Later Admits She 'Backslid,' Calls First Witness 'Pompous Ass'

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter tweeted a live commentary of the first public impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump, after earlier claiming she would refuse to watch the event.

Coulter claimed on Tuesday night that she would be taking the "honorable" position of refusing to watch the hearing, while urging others to follow her example.

"Partly for reasons of honor, mostly because it's calcifyingly boring, I'm not watching a minute of the hearings and neither should you," she tweeted.

However, when the hearing took place Wednesday morning, Coulter was apparently unable to resist. She sent out a series of tweets detailing the proceedings and later issued an admission that she had "backslid" on her earlier promise to ignore the hearing.

Coulter wrote a praiseful book about then-candidate Trump just before the 2016 election, titled In Trump We Trust, but in recent times her views on the president have soured. Most of her criticism appears to be centered on Trump's failure to complete the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

ann coulter
Republican pundit Ann Coulter appears to have soured on President Donald Trump in recent times, but has not supported the impeachment proceedings. Rich Polk/Getty

The pundit's opinion in general seems to be heavily influenced by immigration policy. In April, she suggested she would be willing to ignore "the rest of that socialism stuff" and vote for Senator Bernie Sanders if he kept his "original position" on immigration.

On Tuesday she replied dramatically to a tweet Trump made suggesting that a hypothetical deal could be struck with Democrats to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigrants to stay in the country.

"Okay, that does it. I give up. They can stay. You must go," she replied.

Earlier in the year, Trump responded to Coulter's criticism by calling her a "wacky nut job."

However, she appears to be largely supporting the Trump in the matter of impeachment and is clearly disdainful of Democratic efforts to move the forward with the proceedings.

During the hearing Wednesday morning, she ridiculed diplomat Bill Taylor's testimony by issuing a personal insult and suggesting that he was using patriotism to avoid scrutiny.

"QUICK SUMMARY: 1st witness pompous ass who spent 10 minutes saying no one may question anything he says," tweeted Coulter. "HE IS A PATRIOT! HIS FATHER WAS A PATRIOT! How can you question him? It would be treasonous."

Twelve minutes later, the political commentator admitted that she had failed to follow through with her pledge to ignore the proceedings.

"Okay, fine, I backslid and listened to a few minutes, but now I have the whole picture: It's a policy disagreement, featuring self-important bureaucrats telling us that their views are better than THE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.," she tweeted.

Later in the day, she tweeted about the hearing several more times. Coulter does not appear to have indicated whether she will be monitoring further hearings, nor has she made any suggestions on the matter to her followers on social media.

Ann Coulter Vows Not to Watch Impeachment Hearings, Later Admits She 'Backslid,' Calls First Witness 'Pompous Ass' | News