Arizona Man Cooks Breakfast on the Sidewalk To Show How Hot It Is

Anyone who lives in the arid states of the southwest knows how hot it gets over summer, with temperatures regularly hitting triple figures.

Arizona is about to head into monsoon season, which runs from mid-June until September. As such, sizzling heat is starting to build in the Grand Canyon state.

With the mercury hitting 100.4 F on Monday, and set to rise to 114.8 F next week, one resident decided to use the scorching weather to their advantage.

Daniel Quintanilla, from Phoenix, demonstrated just how hot it is by cooking breakfast on the sidewalk.

Quintanilla shared a series of clips to TikTok as he whipped up a spread of fried eggs and pancakes in the street.

"Want to know how hot summer is in Phoenix, Arizona?" he captioned a video, shared on Sunday.

It shows the amateur chef pop a frying pan on the ground, before coating it with a drop of oil.

He cracks an egg on the side, and almost immediately it turns white, cooking in seconds.

Quintanilla, who claimed he was "melting" in the heat, also shared the clip to Instagram, where he captioned it: "Thinking of moving to Phoenix, Arizona? 100°F."

He added: "I'm literally melting as we speak. Who has a pool in #Phoenix they'd gladly let me take a quick dip for a couple of hours."

The clip was a hit online and amassed more than six million views in a few hours, prompting Quintanilla to try out some more recipes.

In a follow-up video, uploaded on Sunday, he took a pancake pan outside this time, and started off by melting a knob of butter under the scorching sun.

A box of cinnamon-flavored flapjack and waffle mix can be seen on the ground, as he pours the mix from a jar into the hot pan.

He places a frying pan over the top, to seal in the heat, before using a spatula to flip it on the sidewalk.

"Thermodynamics in action. Who wants a pancake?" he jokingly captioned the video.

Numerous people commented on the original video, as Beef joked: "About to save so much on gas utility."

Agreeing, Abalssa wrote: "Saves on electric bills."

New Jersey God quipped: "Sunny side up is my favorite way too."

But Getgotlamo asked: "No disrespect, but why does anyone choose to live there?"

Despite it currently being hot enough to fry an egg, ABC15 claimed residents can expect even higher temperatures over the next few months.

Referring to the upcoming monsoon season, they said: "Once again, temperatures are likely to be hotter than average. So, get ready for lots of 110-degree days."

The news site warned people to stay safe, adding 2020 was the deadliest year on record for heat-related deaths, with 520 fatalities.

Newsweek reached out to Quintanilla for comment.

Stock image of eggs frying on sidewalk
Stock image of eggs frying on a sidewalk. An Arizona resident cooked his breakfast in the street to demonstrates how hot it is. karenfoleyphotography/Getty Images