The Top 10 Places in America Poised for Recovery

Like a massive tornado, the Great Recession upended the topography of America. But even as vast parts of the country were laid low, some cities withstood the storm and could emerge even stronger and shinier than before.

Why the Great Plains Are Great Once Again

Throughout the good times and, more important, the bad of this new millennium, the cities of the plains—from Dallas in the south through Omaha, Des Moines, and north to Fargo—have enjoyed strong job growth and in-migration from the rest of the country.

Kotkin on Populism: Anger Could Make Us Stronger

The notion of a populist outburst raises an archaic vision of soot-covered industrial workers waving placards. Yet populism is far from dead, and represents a force that could shape our political future in unpredictable ways.People have reasons to be mad, from declining real incomes to mythic levels of greed and excess among the financial elite.

Building up the Burbs

Sorry, city sophisticates, but the metropolis of the future may prove far less intensely urban than you hope. For all the focus on trendy downtowns and skyscrapers, the real growth in jobs and population is likely to take place on the periphery.