Real-Life Superwomen

Here’s a list of some of our favorite brave women, who saved themselves—and others—without giving it a second thought.

Left Out of the World Wide Web

As protests continue in Egypt, the government has cracked down by suspending the country’s Internet service and disrupting much of the cell-phone coverage. Reporters Without Borders closely monitors how nations restrict the Internet access of their citizens. Here are the worst violators.

Cory Booker's Snowspiration

Cory Booker used Twitter to help dig out residents of Newark during the last blizzard. Now, with much of the Eastern Seaboard covered in snow, more Americans implored the mayor to come to their aid. While Booker can't be everywhere, ordinary citizens inspired by his example often heeded the call.

Very Personal Trainers

The history of televised fitness is almost as long as the history of television. From syndicated shows to videos on demand, exercise shows have been capturing our attention for years—and making their stars national icons. Here’s a look at some of the most notable figures and biggest milestones in fitness TV.

Salvia and the Arizona Shooting

Alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner used salvia, the hallucinogenic drug, according to a high-school friend of his. Obviously, Loughner was troubled. But did salvia have anything to do with it?

Women and Whisky: Why Not?

A new ad promotes whisky as a holiday treat for women: a rare sight in a culture that associates the hard stuff with manliness. Marketing this type of alcohol to a female audience may be novel, but there's nothing new about ladies who like Scotch, rye, whisky, or bourbon.

The 13 Worst Trends of 2010

The year 2010 had its share of heroism and human uplift—the Chilean miners, the viral success of the "It Gets Better" campaign, the Saints winning the Super Bowl—but it also had a whole lot of really dumb stuff. Here we've collected 13 of the most persistent and egregious trends of 2010, all of which we'd like to see disappear.

Can You Be Allergic to Your Cell Phone?

Allergies can develop when young bodies come into contact with a new substance, and an increasing number of kids have early exposure to tech tools and “adult” products that can lead to a lifetime of reactions.

Jane Fonda's Return to Fitness

The actress’s latest foray into the world of fitness is directly related to aging. She reasons that young people can choose to work out or not, but that exercise becomes mandatory when people age.

Will Soda Taxes and Fast-Food Bans Fix Obesity?

While government agencies, businesses, and private institutions are all looking for ways to battle the obesity crisis, no one has yet figured out successful interventions that both improve health and save money, and programs being implemented are often untested.