'Avid Skiers' Married on Mountain Amid Bomb Cyclone: 'It Was a Wild Ride'

Two "avid skiers" donned their skis and ski suits and tied the knot on a mountain in Peru, Vermont, earlier this month amid a bomb cyclone, Fox 35 News reported.

According to the station, 40-year-old Molly Healy and 48-year-old Matthew Gnoza were married on March 12. The couple originally planned to be wed at the mountain's summit. However, in light of the day's unexpected "high winds and blizzard-like conditions," the couple decided to say "I do" at a lower elevation.

"We found a closed trail that filled up nicely with snow through that day and gave us just enough protection tucked into the trees," Healy told Newsweek.

Earlier speaking to Fox 35, Healy said: "We did not anticipate the bomb cyclone. It was a wild ride that day."

Bomb cyclones are the result of a weather phenomenon known as bombogenesis.

"Bombogenesis takes place when a midlatitude cyclone becomes more intense very quickly, usually over a 24-hour period. This intensity builds due to rapidly dropping atmospheric pressure," according to the National Weather Service, as Newsweek previously reported.

Due to the drop in pressure, cold and warm air may collide and ultimately create a bomb cyclone, which can cause various weather events such as snowstorms and heavy rain. According to NBC News, it's best to stay indoors during a bomb cyclone. However, should someone need to go outside, it's imperative that they dress in warm layers and walk carefully on the ice.

Healy told Fox that neither she nor Gnoza is "warm weather" people. They both love "winter and snow and skiing," so getting married on skis atop a mountain amid a snowstorm "made perfect sense." In fact, Healy told Newsweek that she and Gnoza met skiing and have spent "much of [their] five-year relationship on skis in all types of weather all over the world."

"I said in my vows that it was on thousands of lift rides that I had the honor of getting to know Matt and falling in love with him," she said, per Fox 35.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, Healy also told Newsweek that the ceremony was "picture perfect."

"We could not have planned it any better ourselves," she said.

Ironically, Healy and Gnoza aren't the first to exchange vows during a major weather event.

In January, Sally and Adam Irujo got married in Providence, Rhode Island, amid "the fourth-largest snowstorm the city has ever recorded." After 14 months of wedding planning, the couple decided they weren't going to let a blizzard ruin their big day. So they donned their cold-weather gear and marched to the Providence Public Library, where the ceremony was held.

"We thought it was going to be really hard and it all came together," said Sally. "I think it was just meant to be."

Update 03/23/22, 9:21 a.m. ET: This article has been updated to include comments from Molly Healy, who also provided a new photo.

Molly and Matt Wedding
Two "avid skiers," Molly Healy and Matthew Gnoza, donned their skis and ski suits and tied the knot on a mountain in Peru, Vermont, earlier this month amid a bomb cyclone. Molly Healy/Provided