'Battlefield 2042' Release Date: Game's Early Access Schedule Explained

After an agonizing delay to its original release date, Battlefield 2042 is now available to download, but only for certain players.

Announced on June 9, fans have been waiting months to get their hands on EA's latest military shooter. Unlike the annualized Call of Duty games, we aren't guaranteed a Battlefield installment every single year (the last one came out in 2018), so it feels more like a big event when we finally do get one.

This year's entry promises to shake things up considerably by translating the series' action into a near future setting, introducing extreme weather that can alter the dynamic of online matches, and doing away completely with the idea of a single player campaign.

Here is everything you need to know about the complicated release date schedule.

When Is the 'Battlefield 2042' Release Date?

Technically, Battlefield 2042 isn't out until Friday, November 19, as that is when the standard edition of the game will be launched.

However, EA has recently begun introducing staggered release dates for its biggest titles, with various early access periods offered to those who pre-order games or sign up for relevant subscriptions. This was also the case with FIFA 22, which came out in either September or October depending on how you got a hold of it.

When it comes to Battlefield 2042, an early access trial is available now for EA Play members. This also extends to those who have Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, given that EA Play is integrated with that service. If you redeem this trial, you will be able to play 10 hours of Battlefield 2042 before its proper release date.

In case you were worried about losing your progress, it will carry over from this early access period into the full launch on November 19.

Meanwhile, gamers who subscribe to the more expensive "Pro" tier of EA Play will have full access to the game starting today (Friday, November 12), alongside those who pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Battlefield 2042.

To summarize, these are the various ways you can play Battlefield 2042.

Release DateAccessible ViaOther Notes
12 NovemberEA Play Membership (or Xbox Game Pass)This is a 10-hour trial period. Once it is over, you will then have to wait for the standard release to play more.
12 NovemberEA Play Pro MembershipFull release
12 NovemberGold and Ultimate Edition Pre-OrderFull release
19 NovemberStandard EditionFull release

In place of an offline story mode, there are three different types of multiplayer experience in Battlefield 2042. "All-Out Warfare" provides the classic Battlefield scenarios we all know and love, with epic battles (of up to 128 players) taking place on the ground, in the air and by sea.

The "Battlefield Portal" is essentially a sandbox mode in which you create your own rules and devise zany match ups that normally wouldn't be possible (for instance, you could have Apache helicopters taking part in famous WW2 conflicts).

Finally, there is "Hazard Zone," a more tactical mode in which you join a squad of four and must retrieve intel that has been scattered around the map while defeating enemy players and outrunning an encroaching storm. It's essentially a twist on the traditional battle royale mode you see in things like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

Battlefield 2042 Screenshot
The image shows a vehicle trying to escape a tornado in "Battlefield 2042." The game uses dynamic weather like this to drastically alter the course of multiplayer matches. EA Games