'Behind Her Eyes' Ending Explained: The Huge Twists of the Finale, Explained

Inside Her Eyes viewers already knew they were in for a crazy ride in the finale after a previous episode casually revealed that one character could astrally project, but things got even more unhinged in Episode 6. That ending, streaming now on Netflix, reveals that a character was not who we thought she was for the whole show, and then ends with one of the most downbeat endings of any show on Netflix.

Spoilers ahead.

Behind Her Eyes ending explained

Throughout the six episodes, there had been an underlying mystery—what happened to Rob (played by Robert Aramayo, soon to star in Amazon's Lord of the Rings series ), the gay friend of Adele (Eve Hewson, star of The Knick and the daughter of Bono) who she had met in rehab.

First, it was hinted that David (Tom Bateman) may have killed him, then we thought he may have overdosed on heroin, then it was implied that Adele might have murdered him in a jealous rage after he flirted with David and then used astral projection to watch them have sex.

Few viewers, however, are likely to have worked out the answer of what happened to him: he was there the whole time, inside the body of Adele, and then in the body of Louise (Simona Brown). Though this was hinted by the title (Rob was 'behind the eyes' of Adele,) it is one hell of a twist.

Let's back up a bit. In one of the flashbacks to the rehab, we saw Adele teach Rob how to astral project, but he soon learned that you could actually go further and enter someone's body while in this state.

behind her eyes ending explained
Rob was revealed to be the true villain 'Behind Her Eyes' in the finale of the Netflix show. Netflix

In the flashbacks, we learned exactly what happened to Rob's body. He persuaded Adele to try swapping bodies with him. However, when Adele asked to swap back, he gave her in his body a deliberate overdose of heroin, then putting his old body, with Adele trapped dead in it, in the well.

To understand why he did that, we must look back to an earlier scene where he talked about how jealous he was of what David and Adele had, so decided to take it for himself by taking Adele's body.

The arguably gives a slightly homophobic tinge of the finale of Behind Her Eyes, with, the idea of gay men as killers desperate to seduce straight men an anti-gay trope that has exisited in media for decades.)

The show, however, is too busy laying twist upon twist into its plot, however, to consider the implications of this. After all, this is not the only body swap of the episode.

To finally get rid of the controlling Adele, David decides to tell the police exactly what happened to Rob so Adele cannot not threaten him any more by saying she'll tell the police that he killed Rob. Or, at least, what he thinks happened, which is that Rob accidentally overdosed and Adele panicked and threw his body into the well.

Knowing that this means that she has lost her grip on David, Adele (aka Rob in Adele's body) thinks up another devious plan. She makes Louise think she is going to kill herself, so that Louise will come and use what she has learned about astral projection from Adele to enter the house and see what's happening. Except, of course, that means that Rob can enter her body while she is projecting, causing them to swap bodies. Louise, who is now Rob, then does the same thing he did to his old body to Adele's, forcing her to overdose to make it look like she killed herself.

At this point, viewers may be expecting David to find out about Rob somehow and put an end to his body-swapping serial killing, but in a final twist, Rob simply gets away with it, continuing his relationship with David via the body of Louise.

Though there is some hint at the end that Rob will be uncovered—Louise's son Adam (Tyler Howitt) is suspicious after she says she loves boats—something she used to hate, the show ends with David blissfully unaware that he has again married the man who has now killed two of his girlfriends. And as the show is a limited series, meaning there is no Season 2, that is the way things will stay.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming now on Netflix.