Ben Shapiro Defends Jordan Peterson Crying at Olivia Wilde 'Incel' Insult

Ben Shapiro and other right-wing political commentators have spoken out in support of Jordan Peterson for crying over Olivia Wilde's recent "incel" comments.

Peterson appeared to break down in tears on Piers Morgan Uncensored when he was asked about Wilde's recent statement in which she referred to Peterson as the "pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community." In his response on British TV, Peterson said he's simply trying to speak to "disaffected young men," with many people on Twitter suggesting the same.

While the likes of Shapiro and Matt Walsh spoke out in his defense to their millions of Twitter followers, others mocked Peterson for his show of emotion.

Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson Olivia Wilde
Ben Shapiro (R) has spoken out in support of Jordan Peterson (top left) after he was called a "hero" to the incel community by Olivia Wilde (bottom left). Peterson appeared to break down in tears on Piers Morgan Uncensored when he was asked about Wilde's recent statement. Mark RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

"So just to get this straight, Jordan Peterson is a Very Bad Man™ because he tries to help young men who need guidance," Shapiro wrote on Friday. "Olivia Wilde is a Feminist Hero™ because she hates Jordan Peterson, but also apparently creates an uncomfortable work environment for her female stars."

Shapiro was responding to the accusations and rumors surrounding Wilde in relation to an apparent feud involving actress Florence Pugh on the set of Don't Worry Darling.

"The true reason so many people are angry at Jordan is because he says something true but unsayable: the Sexual Revolution has crippled men as well as women by depriving them of the roles and purposes that make life worth living," Shapiro wrote.

Memes and jokes are being widely shared at Peterson's expense online. While discussing the topic of the incel community, and the accusations being made at him by Wilde, with Piers Morgan, Peterson appeared to tear up twice.

"I'm not a bad person but I truly hope Jordan Peterson bawled when Lizzo blew the hell out of that flute," joked TV writer Emily Andras referring to another pop culture moment that caused an outrage. @PaulMSagan got a big reaction for using a classic Simpsons meme at Peterson's expense. "jordan peterson crying about how beavis and butthead never get to score," joked another Twitter user @TylerMadsen.

Political commentator Matt Walsh used dry humor to share his response to Peterson's newsworthy display. "The Left: 'Men should show more emotion.' Jordan Peterson: [Shows emotion]. The Left: 'Lol stop crying you big baby.'"

Further expanding on his point, Walsh, who earlier this year got backlash on Twitter for saying The Little Mermaid casting a Black person wasn't scientifically accurate, said: "Jordan Peterson is hated by the Left simply because he speaks to men and tries to help them rather than heaping scorn on them. That's all it takes to make you a villain in our culture."

Shapiro agreed with Walsh's point about men being told not to cry, except Peterson. "Also fun to watch all those who say that "toxic masculinity" teaches men not to be emotional mock Jordan Peterson for tearing up in defense of men who have lost their way." He added: "Pathetic dolts."

Liana Kerzner, host of It's No Therapy, roped in Morgan with Peterson's show of emotion. She stated that the reaction wasn't based on a lack of compassion, but is instead "two men who have been vicious to others now wanting their feelings to matter."

Journalist Ethan Harfenist called the clip with Peterson tearing up "bliss" for him, while writer and editor Aaron Gell sincerely called the moment the "most admirable thing Jordan Peterson has ever done."

Newsweek has reached out to Jordan Peterson for additional comment.