Diners Rush to Tip 7-Month Pregnant Waitress After Group Runs From $100 Bill

A number of people have shown their support for a pregnant restaurant worker after a table walked out without paying their bill or tipping.

Caitlin Gadsby, who is seven months pregnant, was by herself on the night of Friday, August 7, working as a server at the The Galway House bar and restaurant in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

There had been a surge of customers coming in after a concert that night, meaning Gadsby was particularly busy.

However, during the night a group of around five people got up and left without paying after ordering around $100 worth of food and drink.

"Before I knew it, they were gone. They skipped out on the tab and I was in absolute shock. I've been in this business for so long and that's the first time that has ever happened to me," Gadsby told CBS Boston.

The staff at The Galway House were so angry about the dine and dash that they shared photos of the group who ran out on the bill on Facebook in a bid to identify them.

"Let's make these douches famous [after] they ran out on a check at the Galway," the restaurant wrote. "Worst part [was] the server was a very pregnant woman, that is unforgivable. Anyone who knows them let me know I'll send you a $100 gift card."

A number of local residents and customers were also incensed by the group running out on the bill and began asking if there was a way that they could help Gadsby.

"I can't stand people like this...sorry this happened," Monique Taylor wrote in the comments. "Also when is she due I would like to donate something to her."

Ron Richo suggested: "Let's start a fund to tip the server what she would have gotten. Count me in on this."

The restaurant then shared Gadsby's Venmo account so people could donate towards the worker, which a number of people were happy to do so.

Gadsby said the incident with the group walking out was made worse as people like her and so many other restaurant and staff workers had been badly affected by the COVID-10 pandemic.

She said now businesses are open again, she is working "as much as I can for as long as I can" in order to save up money before the birth of her child.

She has since praised the local community for coming to her aid and showing kindness with their donations.

"It just makes me so happy that out of all the places I moved to that I moved to Jamaica Plain," she said. "That's so special to me. All these people really make me feel like I belong here too."

The Galway House has been contacted for an update.

Galway House
Caitlin Gadsby was working at the Galway House in Boston when the table ran out on the bill. Google Maps