Brian Laundrie Lookalike Goes on Video to Deny He Is Gabby Petito's Fiancé

A man who shares a strong resemblance to Brian Laundrie has taken to social media to clear his name as the search for Gabby Petito's fiancé continues.

The unnamed man, who is of similar build and is both balding and bearded, began posting videos to TikTok under the handle @notbrianlaundrie after a viral video surfaced mistakenly claiming to show Laundrie in a nightclub.

Laundrie has been named as a person of interest in the disappearance of Petito, with multiple police departments and sheriff's offices across the country receiving information related to the whereabouts of the 23-year-old.

Several individuals have also taken to social media to share footage of alleged sightings of Laundrie, who was last seen on September 14.

In this instance, the claim has been proven incorrect, with the Laundrie lookalike sharing a clip of the original viral clip alongside of a video of himself proving, beyond doubt, he is the man in the footage and explaining his eagerness to "put all of these rumors to bed."

The side-by-side clip has been viewed more than 1.8 million times on TikTok and is the first of a series of viral videos featuring the yet-to-be-identified man.

That video can be viewed here.

In a follow-up clip, the Laundrie doppelganger can be seen asking his new followers for help.

"Quick request from everyone," he said. "Any advice on what I should say to people who think that I am Brian Laundrie? Really appreciate it."

In another post he stresses to his followers: "I'm not Brian Laundrie."

While many of the requests in the clips appear lighthearted—one bit of footage sees him jokingly doing his laundry—one of the videos sees the Laundrie lookalike express concern that he could be "attacked" during an upcoming trip.

"I'm flying across the country tomorrow for my cousin's wedding, and it's a pretty long flight," he explains. "So if you have any tips for me on how not to get attacked or accused of being this guy, get at me." His video can be viewed here.

Evidently concerned that he might be mistaken for Laundrie again during the journey, the man decided to don a hat, sunglasses and large face mask for the trip.

He later confirmed that while his disguise proved largely effective, he did get "a few strange looks" from people who caught a glimpse of his face.

The man's predicament drew sympathy from some followers, with Brian Booth branding it "the worst time to be a doppelganger," while Lisa Adams said she felt "nervous" for him.

"I'm literally worried for this guy," cates white added.

Newsweek has contacted @notbrianlaundrie for comment.

The search for Laundrie continues with Donald Trump Jr. today claiming he has more faith in Dog the Bounty Hunter finding the 23-year-old than he does the FBI.

However, not everyone on social media is convinced that the celebrity's involvement in the case is a good thing.

In the meantime, a full timeline of Laundrie's movements since the case began has now been established.

Brain Laundrie sightings
Brain Laundrie has not been seen since September 14 when he told his family he was going for a hike in Carlton Reserve, Florida. Moab Police