Bride Getting Haircut Halfway Through Wedding Divides Internet: 'Absolutely Not'

A hairdresser has sparked discussion on social media after sharing a video detailing how she ended up cutting a bride's hair halfway through her wedding day.

In a video posted to TikTok, stylist and salon owner Stephanie Lee captured the moment she was tasked with transforming the bride's already perfectly teased hairdo to create a striking new look for her wedding reception.

It's a pressurized job to say the least, with Lee no doubt all too aware that the slightest error could leave the woman of the hour looking a little less than stellar on her big day.

To her credit, Lee appears to pull it off with aplomb, with the unnamed bride sporting a distinctly different but no less eye-catching hairstyle by the end of the clip.

The video can be viewed here.

According to Erin Celletti at Brides, while most hairdressers would advise against getting your haircut on your wedding day, there is a growing trend for brides to undergo a trim midway through their nuptials.

"Some brides are taking it to the next level by chopping their hair mid-ceremony in order to achieve a jaw-dropping second look," Celletti writes.

"Though not for everyone, this wedding trend is one that's sure to turn heads, especially if you consider yourself spontaneous. If your hairstylist is onboard and you have a clear vision of the 'do that you want to debut,' then what better way to mark a fresh beginning."

But while the idea may be something of an emerging trend for those on the cutting edge of wedding day fashion, it would appear that many people of TikTok still need some convincing.

Despite Lee's video racking up some five million views, the jury is definitely out when it comes to this particular phenomenon. "Why?" j1zz_trapp wrote. "Her hair was gorgeous."

Stela Almeida was similarly unimpressed asking: "What is the point of this????" Sarah Connolly Williamson, meanwhile, commented: "I really don't understand this trend."

LiliAshiVert refused to even entertain the idea, writing: "absolutely not" with danielle_corey going one step further, responding: "not in a million years."

There were plenty who spoke positively about the idea of a mid-wedding haircut though. NiranSly wrote: "I honestly absolutely love this trend, I feel like it symbolizes removing the old life and starting new."

Esthibestihotline was similarly gushing, commenting: "Everyone that has done this trend looks SO good with shorter hair." Others, such as Kayla Koning, meanwhile, remained firmly on the fence. "Knowing my husband he wouldn't even notice," she joked.

Newsweek has contacted Lee for comment.

Hair remains a source of much contention when it comes to weddings. Earlier this month, a bridesmaid earned the backing of the internet after refusing to dye her hair pink for a close friend's nuptials.

Elsewhere, a video chronicling an example of a bride's hair going badly wrong ahead of her big day racked up millions of views after being shared to TikTok.

A bride having her hair done.
Stock image of a woman getting ready on her wedding day - a woman has sparked discussion and concern online after getting her hair cut halfway through her wedding. Andrey Sayfutdinov/Getty