#BTSxCorden Trends After BTS Performs 'Black Swan' For the First Time on Jame Corden's 'Late Late Show'

BTS took to the stage at James Corden's The Late Late Show in Los Angeles on Tuesday for the first-ever live performance of new song "Black Swan". They also joined Corden for a chat about their recent Grammy Awards performance and new album Map of the Soul: 7, as well as playing a game of hide-and-seek with fellow guest Ashton Kutcher.

The band has been in LA for the 2020 Grammy Awards, where they performed the song "Seoul Town Road" with rapper/singer-songwriter Lil Nas X. The group was the first-ever Korean act to perform at the historic awards show on the biggest night of the music industry.

"Everything about that night [the Grammy Awards] was so special. The fact that both BTS and K-pop were on that stage, we couldn't believe it," J-Hope said when Corden asked what was the highlight of the experience.

"It felt like K-pop was finally recognized worldwide," RM added.

"Next year we're going to do a BTS stage too," Suga declared with confidence, backed by a resounding "yes" from other members, who agreed with enthusiastic punches in the air. Earlier this week in an interview with iHeartRadio RM added: "We'll be really happy if we could be nominated for the next Grammys."

The group also performed their latest song "Black Swan," a new track from their forthcoming album, on The Late Late Show. The song features an "elaborate" dance routine, noted Corden, but what does the band do if they ever slip up on any part of the routine during a live performance?

"It's [messing up] not in my vocabulary. I'm perfect," replied V (also known as Kim Tae-hyung), while J-Hope, who is known to be the quickest to learn the group's dance routines, according to Corden, smiled and said: "I don't care."

Map of the Soul: 7 will be released on February 21 and the album holds special meaning for the band.

"The [number in the] title is seven. It's been seven years since our debut and we've got seven members, so seven is a really special number for us. We practiced so hard for these tracks and for the dance routines, of course, so please stay tuned," RM told the audience.

The show concluded with a game of hide-and-seek played by the band and Corden, joined by Kutcher. The game saw BTS members hide in different corners of the studio, from the control room to behind stage curtains and furniture, while Corden and Kutcher sought them out.

One of the most well-hidden members was Jungkook, who was cleverly disguised as one of the show's cameramen, operating the camera with his face hidden by it. Kutcher and Corden passed him several times without noticing.

The latest appearance has caused a frenzy among BTS fans—collectively known as the Army—who took to social media to share their favorite moments from the segment using the hashtag #BTSxCorden, which has been top-trending on Twitter. A string of other hashtags and terms, including #BTSxJamesCorden, Jungkook, Ashton, Joon and several others, dominated Twitter's top trends.

"Why @BTS_twt felt so natural and comfortable at @latelateshow is because it fits with their goofy personalities. Hilarious chaos. #BTSxCorden," wrote @MewBTS2.

"This was just pure art #BTSxCorden @BTS_twt," wrote @Ari29407997, describing the performance of "Black Swan."

"Jimin's solo dance in the black swan performance was just a work of art. It shows how passionately he loves what he does and how natural and effortless he makes it look. #BTSxCorden @BTS_twt," wrote @Ari29407997.

"You can tell that the dance is difficult and BTS practiced so hard for it i'm so proud of them they did a great job #BTSxJamesCorden," wrote @pinkseesaw.


"WHEN JIN [BTS member] GOT SCARED AND THE WAY ASHTON CARRIED JIN GOT ME DEAD #BTSxJamesCorden #BTSxCorden #Our7Swans @BTS_twt," wrote @grandebangtan.

"James and ashton passed by jungkook so many times like when he plays hide and seek, he will literally make himself invisible...#BTSxCorden," wrote @taehyungsrarity.

"This is the funniest, james looked around the room at least twice before finally recognizing yoongi was sitting right there IM LAUGHING SO HARD #BTSxCorden," wrote @happinesspjm.

BTS will be on tour in the U.S. and Canada on selected dates from April to June this year. Tickets for the tour will be on sale from February 5.

BTS Grammy Awards 2020 Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X and BTS perform onstage during the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images
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