Business Slammed for Flyer Urging 'Un-American Commies' Not to Apply

An alleged business flyer is causing quite a stir by insisting "un-American Commies need not apply," and the Internet is condemning the business over its unconventional advertisement.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, "Just gonna leave this here, pinkos," has been upvoted 14,800 times since it was posted on April 4. The post features an image of a business flyer shared to the subreddit "Antiwork" by Redditor @upstatestruggler.

'Un-American commies?' a viewer questioned. "Is this advert from the 1950s?

According to Bankrate's Job Seeker Survey for August 2021, 55 percent of workers in the United States who are employed or looking for work claim it's "likely" they'll search for new opportunities in employment over the next 12 months.

The flyer began like most listings would for a business advertisement. "Now hiring for full and part-time employment," the flyer read.

"Apply in-person only," the listing continued. "Please, no phone calls. In search of responsible, self-motivated people."

However, the advert then took a turn. "Un-American commies need not apply," the advertisement hanging in a window read.

To end, the flyer concluded, "Have fun, work hard, and earn good wages. Join our family!" In a comment, the original poster (OP) revealed the advertisement is for a store, and a person's reflection could be seen taking the image.

People have a lot of harsh criticism over the flyer, and they didn't hold back with their thoughts on the matter. "Un-American commies?" a viewer questioned. "Is this advert from the 1950s?"

Worker at desk
A business is being slammed for its flyer urging "un-American commies" not to apply. Here, a female worker smiling at her desk. JLCO - JULIA AMARAL/GETTY

Some people guessed the age of the person who oversaw the creation of the flyer. "'In-person only," a Redditor repeated. "Tell me you're a boomer without saying you're a boomer."

One Redditor thinks the flyer has an added benefit. "This sign is great because it warns customers too," they said.

Theories abounded about the store and what the position would entail. "Who wants to bet that the wages are actually not good, and the job is the opposite of fun?" a viewer theorized. "And that the owner is totally unreasonable?"

A Redditor had their own opinions on what the flyer meant by its wording. "'Earn good wages,' is shorthand for 'I'm going to pay you what I was paid for my first job back in '45," they said.

Criticism was everywhere over the viral job listing. "Usually these types of people are in fact the most un-American of them all," a viewer weighed in.

Others brought up the warning signs they saw. "How many red flags can you fit on a single job listing?" a Redditor insisted. "The answer may surprise you."

Another viewer thinks the job is "openly discriminating based on political views. Thanks for letting us know you're a POS."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @upstatestruggler for comment.

In fact, employees around the nation are speaking up about what they feel are injustices in the workplace.

One employee claims they were misled about the pay and benefits of a server position while another says a job posting required a degree and experience with exotic animals, all for $8.50 an hour.

Yet another got a surprise and turned to Reddit when they were greeted by a "Glassdoor Alert" after checking out a prospective employer.

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