Recall Gavin Newsom Activists Threaten Lawmakers: 'We Didn't Buy Guns for Nothing!'

Three "Recall Gavin Newsom" activists launched a threatening tirade against lawmakers during a budget review hearing in California on Thursday and harassed another official, declaring "we didn't buy guns for nothing!"

The three women made the incendiary remarks at a session on the Sacramento governor's 2021-22 budget at the city's Capitol.

In video footage, the activists are seen taking turns to address lawmakers, pedalling conspiracy theories and making comments supporting the anti-vaccine movement.

One woman, wearing a Stars and Stripes facemask, was holding a board with a sticker on it calling for the removal of California Governor Gavin Newsom. In her speech directed at officials, the unidentified woman also criticised California State Senator Richard Pan, who has previously faced death threats for authoring one of the toughest pro-vaccine laws in the country.

Pan has hit back at the anti-vaccine movement in the past, in May accusing people against inoculations of wanting "Americans to get sick or die."

Addressing lawmakers, the woman said: "Recall is the power of the electors to remove an elected officer. Newsom is first and once he's gone, Pan is the next. If you don't want to line up with him, I high recommend you use your brains. The critical thinking is lost.

"If you want to vaccinate everyone in California, you guys are not thinking. And as one will note, 17 million guns were purchased in the United States. First time gun owners plus 17 million... what do you think they're gonna do with it [a gun]?"

The second woman insulted officials, calling them "hollow, lifeless, inanimate puppets."

"Do you guys honestly believe that the same people that broke you, took away your freedoms, and then rewarded you with a government position are going to give you a different seat at the table when the world collapses? Because let me tell you, you're going to be the first to go."

She further insulted the officials, accusing them of being political pawns helping bring in "the new world order." She added: "We didn't buy guns for nothing."

The other activist also peddled anti-vaccine theories. "Mandated medicine is a disgrace, now and forever," she said.

"We know this from history and this is why we have signed treaty after treaty edifying the importance of informed consent. There is no more basic liberty than the freedom to decide what gets injected into our bodies.

"So Dick [Richard] Pan, move over because as soon as we the people are finished recalling this criminal governor, Dick Pan, we're going to recall you next."

Sharing the video footage on Twitter, California State Senator Scott Wiener said: "This happened today at the California Capitol. Straight up threats of violence against lawmakers. The anti-vax movement has now merged with the broader violent fringe right. One of them dumped blood on Senators in 2019 while we were debating legislation."

California State Assembly member Jim Cooper said the same three women harassed him outside the California State Capitol building on Thursday.

"These same 3 women harassed me outside of the Capitol today including using racial undertones. Their threats should be taken seriously," he wrote on Twitter.

"I didn't shy away from them and as former cop I have never been intimidate and will not by these thugs."

@Scott_Wiener @MatthewKeysLive
These same 3 women harassed me outside of the Capitol today including using racial undertones. Their threats should be taken seriously. I didn’t shy away from them and as former cop I have never been intimidate and will not by these thugs.

— Jim Cooper (@AsmJimCooper) January 15, 2021

The threats to the Sacramento officials come days after the attack on the U.S Congress building in Washington, D.C., and warnings from the FBI that President Donald Trump supporters are planning armed protests at all 50 state Capitols on January 20—President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration day.

Five people died in the seige on the U.S. Capitol on January 6—four protesters and a police officer. FBI Director Chris Wray said Thursday that more than 200 suspects have been identified in their probe of the attack, and more than 100 people have been arrested so far.

The same day, Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she and other elected officials narrowly escaped death after the pro-Trump mob stormed the building.

Anti-lockdown Sacramento protest
Hundreds gather to protest the shelter-in-place rules in effect amid the novel coronavirus pandemic at California's state capitol building in Sacramento, California on May 1, 2020. On Thursday, anti-vaccine activists threatened lawmakers in the building and called for the removal of California Governor Gavin Newsom. Josh Edelson/Getty