Twitter Blocks Leave Donald Trump, Lin Wood, Others Silent During Joe Biden Inauguration

The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20 will be a massive talking point on Twitter, but there are some prominent accounts associated with the outgoing administration that will be silent throughout the day.

The social network said in a blog post on Thursday that it will continue to limit attempts to incite violence, organize attacks and share deliberately misleading information, while accounts once helmed by allies of Donald Trump will remain suspended as Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn into office in Washington, D.C.

Perhaps the most well-known user who won't be able to share any quips or criticisms in real-time is Trump himself, whose account was permanently suspended on January 8 to limit the risk of inciting violence following the U.S. Capitol Building riot.

The enforcement meant the president lost the ability to reach his 88.7 million Twitter followers at the tap of a button. His social media ban now extends to all of the mainstream alternatives, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

In addition, his former election campaign account @TeamTrump will also be off limits as it was suspended on January 9 after trying to evade the president's suspension by posting statements on his behalf, including one that had read: "We will not be silenced!"

Also suspended is L. Lin Wood, a pro-Trump attorney known for aggressively pushing baseless conspiracy theories about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and that Vice President Mike Pence should "face execution by firing squad."

Wood's account was locked for 12 hours on January 6 after Twitter said a post urging people "to fight for our freedom" around the time of the Capitol riot had the potential to incite real-world violence. The profile was permanently suspended on January 7 after Wood created a second account, @FightBackLaw, which was also taken offline.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was previously close with the Trump administration, has been banned on Twitter since November 2020 after he appeared to suggest Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be beheaded.

More recently, Twitter's takedown action against accounts used to spread content about the fringe conspiracy theory QAnon seized the profiles of pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell.

Both accounts have been suspended since January 8 for violating Twitter's "coordinated harmful activity." QAnon clothing and branding was worn by people who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, a siege that ultimately left five people dead.

Powell was briefly celebrated in the conspiracy theory community after falsely claiming to process evidence that could help Trump to overturn the legitimate election results. Flynn and Powell were reportedly spotted at the White House in recent weeks.

Twitter suspended more than 70,000 accounts as part of its QAnon crackdown, leading some conservative personalities to complain about a drop in followers.

One account removed from Twitter on January 8 belonged to Jim Watkins, who owns a site called 8kun, where those behind QAnon are known to post. The same day, a profile used by Watkins' son Ron, an 8kun administrator, was also suspended.

The profiles of Students of Trump and U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert were briefly taken offline this week without explanation, moves Twitter said were made in error.

President-elect Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden speaks prior to the holiday at the Queen theatre on December 22, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. On his inauguration on January 20, a number of pro-Trump accounts will remain silent. Joshua Roberts/Getty