Cat's Adorable Reaction to Seeing Snow for First Time Goes Viral—'So Cute'

He may have endured freezing temperatures at home but footage of a cat's first experience of snow has been melting hearts online.

Recent days saw north Texas in the grip of an arctic cold front that saw temperatures drop so low some trees even began to explode.

Coming exactly a year on from the state's record breaking cold snap, the freezing conditions have prompted some experts to warn that the state's power grid could be vulnerable.

While the weather in Texas has prompted concern in many quarters, at least one four-legged resident appears to be enjoying the snowy conditions.

In a post shared to TikTok by 2304diary, pet lovers were introduced to Tino, a cat residing in Texas who, according to his owner, was experiencing snow for the first time.

An accompanying caption explains that Tino was apparently "the only cat playing outside" during the freezing conditions.

That didn't deter him from making the most of the situation, as the clip, which has been viewed 2.9 million times online, attests.

In the footage, Tino can be seen dashing around and even leaping in apparent delight across the snowy terrain. Pawing playfully at the white snow beneath him, at one point he even appears to stick his tongue out, eager to taste one of the flakes as it falls.

Darting around as the snow continues to fall, Tino enjoys a brief break by taking shelter under a parked car before he's back charging around the snow-filled garden outside his owner's house. It can be watched here.

A simple yet poignant clip, the video has proven popular with cat lovers on social media, many of whom flocked to praise the footage. "This is so cute I'm crying," Endqsu wrote. T_j_l agreed: "this makes me emotional."

"I don't know why but this made me tear up," Jaydnnjuice added. "The baby's so happy." There were lots of "awws" while vcvdy, wrote: "this is adorable!" Elsewhere, Teyabear declared: "I don't understand how people could hate these sweet creatures."

Newsweek has contacted 2304diary for comment.

According to leading animal charity Cats Protection, cat owners should always take precautions when letting their pet experience snow for the first time.

"Consider letting your cat wander in a safe and enclosed area such as a garden, and accompany them when they do," they said.

"If you should let your cat wander further, then let them outside when temperatures are highest and traffic levels are lowest. Also, check your cat flap regularly to ensure it hasn't frozen over or become blocked by snow."

A cat in the snow.
Stock image of a cat in snow. Footage of a feline experiencing snow for the first time has gone viral. Emir Hoyman/Getty