Police Attending Noise Complaint Find Cat Had Turned On Stereo When Alone

Police officers were called to a flat in northwest Spain after neighbors complained about a noise disturbance, only to discover that a cat alone in the residence had turned on the stereo with its paw and put it up loud.

During the early hours of July 25, police officers in the city of Lugo in Spain responded to reports from residents of a building in the Ronda das Fontiñas of loud music that they said made it impossible for them to rest, according to the newspaper 20 Minutos.

The police quickly verified that there were no people inside after they arrived at the flat, so officers attempted to locate the owner of the residence who they discovered was outside of the city after they got in contact with him.

After being informed of the noise complaints, the owner told the police that "what activated the stereo was his cat that was left in the house since he has the habit of turning on the musical equipment with the paw and move the volume wheel," according to the newspaper.

The owner then made his way back to his home so that he could turn off the stereo, according to local media outlet El Progresso de Lugo.

The incident came just one day after local police were called to a separate residence in the Ronda das Fontiñas at around 12:20 a.m. on July 24 after being told by neighbors that there were disruptive noises coming from a home.

After arriving at the scene, the police verified that a party was taking place inside the residence and they quickly located the owner of the property who turned the music off.

The officers then filled out a complaint report for violation of the Environmental Protection Ordinance.

20 Minutos reported that local police also responded to a nearby house at around 4:55 a.m. on July 25 after they had received reports of loud noise, but although the resident turned off the music, they were cited for violating the ordinance.

Not all police officers shut down events when they respond to calls from neighbors however, as last month an officer in Chicago, U.S., joined a party after arriving at the residence due to noise complaints.

In a video posted to TikTok by a woman called Monica, known online as @lifeasmonica, an officer can be seen getting involved in the party after being invited into the venue.

The footage is captioned: "When you get called for a noise complaint and stay for the party #noisecomplaint #lit #arrestmeplz #illinois #greenscreenvideo."

The clip shows the officer helping himself to a plate of tacos from the buffet while still wearing his uniform and dancing in the residence alongside other guests.

Newsweek has contacted the authorities in Spain for comment.

Cat turned on stereo
File photo of a cat on a sofa. A cat in Spain caused problems when it turned on a stereo when its owner was out. kaorinne/iStock / Getty Images Plus