'Angry Goy 2' Neo-Nazi Video Game Lets Users Kill LGBT People and Minorities to Save Donald Trump

One level in the neo-Nazi game Angry Goy II allows the user to murder men in a gay club. Wheel Maker Studios

Christopher Cantwell, the white supremacist infamous for his role in last year's far-right rally in Charlottesville, is one of the key promoters of a Neo-Nazi video game that allows users to slaughter gay men, Jews, other minorities and journalists.

Angry Goy II, available to download on the website for Cantwell's Radical Agenda podcast, allows users to play as Cantwell or fellow alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer in order to save President Donald Trump, who has been kidnapped by "left-wing terrorists."

As reported by the Angry White Men blog, one of the game's levels involves shooting people inside a gay club called "LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ." The action is strongly reminiscent of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in June 2016 when 49 people were killed.

Another mission involves killing journalists inside the offices of the "Fake News Network," a reference to the term Trump uses to attack media organizations such as CNN. The New York offices of CNN were recently sent a pipe bomb as part of an alleged plot targeting Trump critics and key Democrat figures, including former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton.

Cantwell, who became a figure of widespread mockery after uploading a video where he was crying at the prospect of him being arrested in the wake of the deadly Unite The Right rally, has been promoting the game on his podcast's web page. He is also plugging it on social media site Gab, the infamous platform used by the far-right which was temporarily shut down after it was revealed the alleged Tree of Life Synagogue gunman posted on it before killing 11 in Pittsburgh.

"Angry Goy II is the season's hit game for White males who have had it with Jewish bullshit," Cantwell wrote.

"Instead of taking out your frustrations on actual human beings, you can fight the mongrels and degenerates on your computer!"

A spokesperson for the charity Community Security Trust, which fights anti-Semitism, said: "It may sound like a pathetic example of race hate, but this is actually a deep incitement to commit murders inside gay clubs, synagogues and other targets far-right hatred. We are all grimly familiar with the reality of mass shootings at such locations, which makes this so-called game even more dangerous and stomach turning."

The game, which is attributed to "Wheel Maker Studios," is a sequel to the original Angry Goy game that appeared online last year.

The game featured a neo-Nazi who decides to murder black people, Jews and refugees after hearing how "six million" immigrants have arrived in Europe.

"There is only one solution…a Final Solution," the game's opening credits read, reported British newspaper The Jewish Chronicle.

The clip showing a trailer of the game was eventually pulled by YouTube for breaching their hate speech guidelines.

"Hate speech has no place on the YouTube platform and we have clear policies against it," a YouTube spokeswoman said at the time.

"We act quickly to remove content that breaks our terms of service when it's flagged to us by users."

At the time of publication, a trailer for Angry Goy II is available to view on YouTube.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment.