Woman Plays With Deadly Cobra and Performs Tricks in Hair-Raising Video

Snakes are an animal that strike fear into the hearts of many—and an Indian cobra is among the most lethal.

A bite from an Indian cobra can paralyze your muscles and severe bites can lead to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, with symptoms manifesting as quickly as 15 minutes after being bitten.

Despite these dangers, a recent Instagram video of a woman fearlessly playing with a cobra and performing tricks with it has gained lots of views online.

In the clip a woman, wearing ripped jeans and a black T-shirt, can be seen holding the tail of the gold-colored cobra in a grass clearing.

In the other hand she is holding a metal snake hook with a red curved end, which is wrapped around the body of the reptile.

She raises the hook up and down as the snake lifts its head up and writhes about.

Despite the venomous nature of the animal, the woman appears to be enjoying herself as she cracks a huge smile before laying the cobra back on the ground.

The video was shared to the social media site by devil_girl_shweta3110, along with the caption: "Cobra lover."

Since it was posted on May 2 it has received more than 73,500 likes, and many comments.

One Instagram user, malidipak204, wrote: "Yes, madam, don't play with the snake."

Another person, mayureshnirmal, commented: "animal lover."

While a third, adityajahagidar83, wrote in reference to the video poster's display name: "You are not a devil girl, it is just a matter of fact that the snake is not afraid of you."

In other snake news, a woman in Botswana recently went viral for her scary encounter with a python.

Tanya Drysdale shared to Facebook that she had to fight off a massive 15-foot snake that was attacking her small dachshund.

Thankfully, she and her husband were able to free their pet, who made out only with a few python marks on its belly.

A woman in Australia recently shared a video to TikTok where she slid past a python while on a theme park ride, a terrifying experience.

However if more humorous clips of wild animals are what you need today, you may also be interested in this footage of a tiger falling into a frozen lake.

In the video, posted to Twitter, the large cat can be seen slowly prowling across the thin ice, until the inevitable happens and the surface gives way beneath it.

As the tiger struggles to find its footing, it loses balance and partially fall into the newly-made hole before popping up and scurrying to dry land.

indian cobra
A stock image of an Indian Cobra. In the Instagram video a woman smiles as she plays with the snake. Getty Images

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