Colorado GOP Lawmaker Urges Trump to Deploy Feds in Denver Over 'Violence'

A Republican lawmaker in Colorado accused the state's governor and his fellow Democrats of ignoring the unrest in Denver caused by protesters and has appealed to President Donald Trump to send in federal agents.

Trump has already sent in the Feds to quell unrest in Portland, Oregon, against the wishes of local leaders. The president is threatening to do the same in other cities, including Chicago and Seattle, despite mayors and governors telling him not to.

In a letter that he shared on social media, Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams referred to "violent altercations" which in his view were incited by "Antifa thugs" during demonstrations in Denver in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

The incident in question was a pro-law enforcement rally on Sunday when there was a clash between those attending a pro-law enforcement rally and counter-protesters in Civic Center Park, 9 News reported.

Williams wrote that Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, had "allowed criminals to vandalize, deface and destroy the Capitol grounds as well as the surrounding public and private property near it."

Tweeting the letter, the lawmaker representing Colorado House District 15 wrote: "Colorado has been abandoned by radical Democrats in power. Violence is at an all time high & decent hard-working citizens need relief now.

"I've asked #Trump for help to stop criminals here because 'selfish bastards' like Gov. Polis refuse to do so."

"Selfish bastards" is a reference to the term Polis had used to describe those who did not wear face coverings in public to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Newsweek has contacted Polis's office for comment.

Colorado has been abandoned by radical Democrats in power.

Violence is at an all time high & decent hard-working citizens need relief now.

I've asked #Trump for help to stop criminals here because "selfish bastards" like Gov. Polis refuse to do so.#MAGA #KAG #LawAndOrder

— Rep. Dave Williams (@RepDaveWilliams) July 23, 2020

The Colorado GOP caucus has appealed to Polis to deploy the National Guard to protect the Colorado State Capitol and other state property from vandalism.

Meanwhile, the presence of federal agents sent to cities such as Portland and Kansas City, who were deployed in response to protests, has raised accusations that such measures escalate violence.

A letter from Colorado Democrats urged U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn to stop the deployment of federal law enforcement and said that it "has not been requested nor is it acceptable."

"We object in the strongest possible terms to any possible deployment of federal agents onto the streets of Colorado without the explicit consent of the state," the letter said.

Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock was among 15 mayors around the U.S. who signed a letter to Trump this week urging the "immediate" withdrawal of federal agents and "no further unilateral deployments in U.S. cities."

Polis told reporters on Thursday that he had not requested federal troops. "If we needed more help on testing and tracing and preventing violence, I would call on national guard resources to do that," he told the news conference, 9 News reported.

"In the areas where they have sent troops, it's obviously like putting oil on a flame. It makes the situation worse and it escalates it."

Colorado protests
Protests take place near the Colorado State Capitol against the death of George Floyd on May 30, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images