Corny Complex Abducted by Mothership As 'Fortnite' Season 7 Draws to a Close

Corny Complex is the latest part of Fortnite island to be abducted by the alien mothership in Chapter 2, Season 7.

Throughout the second half of Fortnite's "Invasion" season, the Kymera have been periodically abducting sections of the map, by ripping the very ground from the earth using their tractor beam. This has already happened at both Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle, and the aliens have now turned their attention to Corny Complex.

If you head over to the farmland region, you will notice that the mothership's abduction ray has totally engulfed the area. As before, this means that certain landmarks (such as the barn and silos) are now being gradually drawn up to the spacecraft and that much of the landmass is floating in midair.

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Corny Complex has subsequently turned into a unique arena for firefights, as there's an enhanced level of verticality here and you can jump around between all the levitating platforms. Of course, given that this abduction event is still transpiring, it also means that the farm is a bustling hive of activity, with an influx of curious players, and so it can get a little crowded.

As such, if you are playing to win battle royale matches, it might be worth keeping your distance from Corny Complex for the time being. After all, if you let the competition flock over there and eliminate each other, then you will have ample opportunity to scavenge valuable resources elsewhere.

Fortnite's "Invasion" season (which started three months ago) is rapidly drawing to a close and will soon be replaced by the mysterious Chapter 2, Season 8. There is even a holographic timer placed just above Corny Complex right now that is counting down to the upcoming "Operation: Sky Fire" finale.

Fortnite Season 8 Countdown
A live timer is positioned above Corny Complex, counting down to the end of Season 7. Epic Games

Taking place on Sunday, September 12, this limited-time event will see the war between the Imagined Order and the Kymera enter its final stages. If you go to Corny Complex right now, you can see that bombs have been attached underneath the landmasses that are currently being abducted, with the plan being to detonate these as soon as they are inside the mothership.

This attack will presumably trigger the "Operation: Sky Fire" event which—according to the Epic Games website—will see players sneak aboard the mothership to put a stop to the alien invasion once and for all.

Once this event is over, Season 7 will officially come to an end, along with all of its associated content. This means that you only have a few more days to complete any outstanding "Invasion" quests, to find the remaining alien artifacts, and to redeem any leftover battle pass rewards. The new "Best Friendzy" event will also conclude at this time, so make sure you have done everything you want before then.

Corny Complex Bombs
The Imagined Order have placed bombs underneath Corny Complex and plan to detonate them once they have been abducted into the alien mothership. Epic Games