'Fortnite' 17.30 Patch Notes: New Update Makes Changes to Slurpy Swamp and Adds Grabitron

Fortnite update 17.30 has just launched, making big changes to the layout of Slurpy Swamp, and introducing a brand-new alien weapon known as the "grabitron."

We are currently about nine weeks into Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 (aka "Invasion") and, so far, it has been considerably more eventful than the lackluster "Primal" phase.

Since June, we have seen the debut of a revised battle pass system, pilotable UFOs, customizable alien avatars, inflatable cows, mothership experiments, high-tech guns, extraterrestrial parasites, and the inexplicable inclusion of fourth-wave ska music.

Not to mention, there has also been an influx of brand crossovers lately, with the likes of Rick Sanchez, Loki Laufeyson and even LeBron James dropping onto the island. In short, it has been a jam-packed season for Fortnite, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down in August.

'Fortnite' Update 17.30 Patch Notes: Slurpy Swamp Changes

With Tuesday's 17.30 update, Epic Games has stuffed even more new content into Fortnite.

The most significant change has occurred at Slurpy Swamp, where a tractor beam has now totally enveloped the industrial district and ripped certain landmarks from the ground. If you head over to the point of interest now, you will find that it resembles a giant platforming stage with floating chunks of debris that you can jump between.

If you ever participated in any of the mothership experiment gauntlets, the low-gravity conditions here ought to be immediately familiar. You can leap extraordinary distances and course-correct a little mid-air, resulting in far more agile combat. There are also hoops that you can jump through to propel yourself to higher ground, adding an extra layer of verticality to encounters.

Given that this overhaul has only just occurred (and fans are still curious to see if the area is concealing any hidden secrets), we would recommend keeping your distance from Slurpy Swamp for the time being, especially if you are playing to win.

Everybody seems to be dropping there right at the beginning of matches so, if you let the competition fight amongst themselves, you can head elsewhere to accumulate better loot.

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'Fortnite' Update 17.30 Patch Notes: The Grabitron

Speaking of which, a new weapon can now be found on the island, known as the "grabitron."

This is essentially a portable version of the UFO's abduction beam and will enable you to pick up miscellaneous objects, such as cars and even incoming missiles. Once you have a projectile in your grasp, you can launch it at enemies with forceful momentum or use it defensively as a makeshift shield. You have the freedom to get creative with this tool.

According to the official patch notes, grabitrons can be found in chests, on top of abductors, and inside the alien mothership itself. The weapon is not available in competitive playlists.

The Grab-itron promises to level the playing field - by flinging everything into the sky!

Be on the lookout for falling objects, Islanders, here’s our report of what to expect out there. #HotSaucersLeaks https://t.co/XuF234mij0 pic.twitter.com/TlOSaO16kI

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'Fortnite' Update 17.30 Patch Notes: Team Brawl

The last major addition with Fortnite 17.30 is a new limited time mode, entitled "Team Brawl."

This is basically a team deathmatch, taking place in an enclosed area, that lets you respawn immediately after being eliminated. To clarify, this means that you will not have to skydive back into the combat zone after being killed.

Team Brawl will go live on Thursday, August 5 at 9 a.m. ET and promises to be a fast-paced alternative to regular battle royale matches, perfect for those who want to get straight into the action.

'Fortnite' Update 17.30 Patch Notes: Balancing Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Of course, like any other update, Fortnite 17.30 also comes with a variety of balancing tweaks and bug fixes. A list of these can be found below, courtesy of the official Epic Games patch notes.

Balancing Changes

  • The Pulse Rifle now does more damage when aiming down sights.
  • The Heavy Assault Rifle now deals increased damage, has a slightly reduced fire rate, and for the first few shots, has a higher accuracy than before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Fortnite's "3D Headphones" option on PlayStation 5 in which stereo sounds wouldn't spatialize, resulting in the stereo sounds being 2D.
  • Fixed an issue involving vehicle radios not playing at times when trying to turn them on.
  • Vehicles can no longer be interacted with if the player is in a Prop state.

In related Fortnite news, there will be a series of Ariana Grande concerts taking place in the game this weekend. Newsweek has already prepared a breakdown of everything you need to know about these performances.

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