Delta Staff Throw Student Mini-party Mid-Flight to Celebrate Her Graduation

A student has shared the heart-warming celebration Delta Air Lines staff threw her mid-flight for her graduation.

Twitter User Frankie_Fabian8 shared a snap to Twitter showing off the mini-prosecco, snacks and hand-written note airline staff presented her with.

Frankie, whose bio says she's a Fordham University PhD Student, claims she got "emotional" on the flight after staff made a fuss.

"I was boarding my @Delta flight and the crew asked if I was coming home, and I said I was coming to finally graduate from last year. During the middle of the flight the attendants came and brought me a mimosa and a hand written note. Yeah I'm a lil emotional. Thank you," she tweeted on May 11.

The note, which also had a drawing of a graduation scroll, said: "She believed she could so she did."

Delta's official twitter page also congratulated Frankie, a Spelman Alumna, after she shared the in-flight picnic.

One of the toughest years to get through, but you did it. Congratulations Grad!! 👏

— Delta (@Delta) May 12, 2021

@Delta tweeted: "One of the toughest years to get through, but you did it. Congratulations Grad!!"

Her original post amassed more than 54,000 likes, as Frankie, from Brooklyn, later added: "Anyway. @Delta y'all need to pay your employees better. But you knew this already."

People have praised the "sweet" gesture by staff online, with @iamEbiDoris replying: "That's so sweet, Please frame this napkin if it's possible and Congratulations."

"You can never throw that napkin away," My fault og warned.

While SoberAirlinePilot commented: "Pilots keep us all safe but the flight attendants go that extra mile to truly make the experience quite special. Well done and congrats."

Sitaraman gushed: "Yes Well done.. And also well done @Delta for hiring some quality people who get it.. Congrats to all."

Nancy Elizabeth admitted: "Okay that got me emotional!! Congratulations to this amazing accomplishment and good job Delta crew!"

While Len thought: "Now this is the airline I want to be a flight attendant for one day. So sweet and thoughtful of them."

Catherine Young confessed: "Noooo why did they make me cry."

While Tammie Renee replied: "So incredibly sweet and thoughtful and congrats to you lil SIS!!"

And Violetearr added: "That handwritten note is so cute!"

United and American Airlines hit the headlines recently, when their planes appeared to "race" in a now-viral video.

Passenger TahoeMatt shared a video to TikTok from his window-aisle seat, filming a double landing at San Francisco International Airport.

The landing strips are separated by only 750 feet, with tandem departures and landings a regular occurrence.

Newsweek has reached out to Delta and Frankie for a comment.

Woman holding wine on a plane
Stock image of a woman holding a glass of wine with a view of Chicago from plane window. A student shared the mini-celebration Delta staff threw her mid-air. SerrNovik/Getty Images