Democrats Set Sights on Holding Congress in 2022 As Fundraising Push Launched

Democrats are pushing for early donations ahead of 2022, where they hope to at least retain, if not build upon, their control of Congress.

The Democrats secured a clean sweep at the last election, holding on to the House of Representatives while securing the Senate and the White House.

However, the Senate control is tight—with the chamber split 50/50 and the Democrats' majority facilitated by Vice President Kamala Harris' power to cast tie-breaking votes.

With that in mind, Democrats are wary of the potential for the GOP to flip the upper chamber in 2022 when 34 seats will be contested—14 Democrat-held and 20 held by the GOP. A net loss of even one seat would see the Republicans retain control.

While Democrats kept a majority in the House in 2020, their majority was reduced—and all 435 seats will be up for election next year, with Republicans set to want to build upon their gains in the chamber.

"We're at the precipice of a historic chapter as Democrats," Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison said in an email.

"But Republicans are already throwing everything they have into flipping our majorities in 2022—that includes obstructing any meaningful legislation that will make Americans' lives better under united Democratic control of the White House and Congress."

With that in mind, Harrison spoke of Democrats' goals in boosting their campaign apparatus.

"It's imperative that we build a Democratic Party capable of fending off those challenges now, while there's still enough runway ahead of us," Harrison said.

"We need to train organizers on the ground, expand our digital operation, and make sure every single voter hears our message before they head to the polls in the next election season."

Newly-elected Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA), whose victory helped to secure the Democrats' Senate control, also called for financial support for party in an email.

Speaking on actions carried out so far in 2021, he said: "Over the past seven days, the Biden-Harris administration and the newly Democratic-controlled Congress have hit the ground running to rebuild our country back better. With the stroke of a pen, President Biden reentered the Paris Climate Accord and reversed Trump's shameful immigration ban. And, in Congress, we've focused on delivering COVID-19 relief and restoring the Voting Rights Act."

He then spoke of having a "long road ahead of us," adding: "To ensure that we continue building on this progress in the months and years ahead, we must not only defend our existing Democratic majorities—we must build on them."

Warnock must run for his own Georgia seat again in 2022. He took in a major fundraising haul in the runoff race that saw him defeat Republican Kelly Loeffler, with the Georgia races becoming two of the highest-spending of all time.

While Democrats look to increase their Senate seats, Republicans face the issue of several lawmakers retiring from the upper chamber. At least three GOP Senators will not seek re-election.

Newsweek has contacted the Democratic National Committee for comment.

the us capitol at dawn
The U.S. Capitol at dawn on January 12, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Democrats control both the House and Senate, and have started fundraising to retain power in 2022. Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images