'Bringing Smiles': Disabled Lamb Gifted Wheelchair Melts Hearts Online

A three-month-old lamb has been given a new lease of life thanks to a generous donation. Kiki suffered a birth defect that prevents her from using her hind legs and left her with a paralyzed back end, meaning she cannot move independently.

She has been cared for by not-for-profit organization Don't Forget Us... Pet Us that has locations in Dartmouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts, since she was just 11 days old.

But a recent donation has changed her life and warmed hearts online.

Walkin' Pets by HanidcappedPets.com is a New Hampshire-based business that usually provides products to support disabled and elderly dogs—keeping pets mobile, safe, and healthy whatever their limitations.

But recently, it gifted Kiki the lamb a wheelchair and lifting harness, giving her a much greater degree of mobility and changing her life.

In a post shared on Facebook, Don't Forget Us... Pet Us said: "Recently Walkin' Pets by HandicappedPets.com reached out regarding a wheelchair donation for Kiki. Now we did have a full support quad cart on order for her, but ultimately decided Kiki needs every tool we could possibly offer her and embraced this incredible act of kindness!"

After being bottle fed from her first days, Kiki continues to gain weight. But it is unlikely that her legs will ever provide her the support she needs.

Her prognosis is poor, but the team at Don't Forget Us... Pet Us hope to give her the best life possible for as long as they can.

The sanctuary explained: "The Walkin' Pets team came out and fitted Kiki for a harness and did a wheelchair build right on site! Words cannot describe how grateful we are. This is a game changer for Kiki to be able to be in an upright position. She actually drank from a bowl for the first time, she peed and pooped 'standing' up for the first time.

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"You have given Kiki so much more than just legs and we are forever grateful to you for that."

The story has warmed hearts online, where the team caring for Kiki recently shared a video of Kiki having her breakfast standing up thanks to the support of her new wheelchair.

On the charity's Facebook page, users were delighted to see Kiki getting the support she needed. One user wrote: "Happy that there are generous, kind people who are helping Kiki live her best life," another comment said: "Kiki is such a shining light of life, bringing smiles everywhere she goes!"

"It's amazing what can be done for animals in need," said another Facebook user.

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Earlier this week, another special lamb from England caught attention online when he was born with five legs.

And a recent video showing a disabled puppy leaping up and down in joy has hit almost 100 million views online. In the clip—posted by a woman named Sirena to her TikTok account, Bunnytherabbitdog—we can see the small pet leaping up and down in a veterinarian's office.

The animal, whose name is Bunny, is bouncing with joy and the movements are set to a song that repeats the word "happy" by DJ Moody.

The dog has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes it difficult for animals to fine tune their motor movements.

Newsweek has reached out to Don't Forget Us... Pet Us for comment.

Lamb and wheelchair
A file photo of a lamb (left) and a wheelchair (right). The generous donation that has given this lamb a new lease of life has warmed hearts online. koekeloer/nathaphat/Getty Images