Dog Busted With Bin Lid Around Neck After Raiding Trash in Hilarious Video

A dog who decided to raid his owner's kitchen bin for scraps ended up seriously incriminating himself after getting the trash can lid jammed around his neck.

The result was one very messy kitchen and one seriously guilt-stricken dog, complete with a rather fetching makeshift bin lid necklace.

Thankfully for both the canine in question and his exasperated owner, the resulting footage has proven popular with fellow pet lovers online.

At the time of writing, the clip, which was posted to TikTok by Alejandro Betancur and stars his dog Marco, has been viewed over 3.7 million times. It can be watched here.

While the idea of a dog rummaging through garbage may not sound all that appealing to us, according to veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm, it's something our canine companions have been doing ever since they were first adopted as man's best friend.

"Dogs are scavengers who have evolved with humans," she wrote on "Early dogs realized how much easier and safer it was to find human leftovers than to chase and kill potentially dangerous prey."

She said: "Because dogs depend on their acute sense of smell to locate items that might be good to eat, your trash is a smorgasbord of delicious scents to your dog, whose species has depended on being able to find food in unlikely places."

One dog's smorgasbord proved to be one pet owner's almighty mess, however, if the results chronicled in Betancur's video are to be believed.

In the clip, the stunned Betancur pans the camera around his kitchen to highlight the discarded items littered across the floor.

"Who must have opened the bin? Who must have opened the bin? Who opened the bin?" he is heard saying over the top of the footage.

The camera then turns to show a cowering Marco, sitting off to the side looking very sheepish with a green plastic bin lid wedged over his head.

"Marco, did you open the bin? What did you do? Did you open the bin? Eh?" Betancur asks again, already all too aware of the answer.

The hilarity of the situation and Marco's panic-stricken appearance, bin lid and all, was not lost on viewers who flocked to the comments section on the social media post to pass judgment on this very naughty dog.

Helenigma insisted: "He didn't do it, someone framed him," with __anababy_ agreeing: "Nooooo, he was framed."

Elsewhere Laurie Cu, imagined Marco saying to himself: "Don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious," in the footage as his owner turned the camera on him.

Enifstorechile, meanwhile, fell hook, line and sinker for Marco's hangdog routine, commenting simply: "Awwwwww," in response to the clip.

Newsweek has contacted Betancur for comment.

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A dog in a trash bin.
Stock image of a dog in a trash bin - a canine was caught rummaging through his owner's garbage in the most hilarious of circumstances. Ирина Мещерякова/Getty