Doll Factory Workers Reveal How They Add Hair and Eyeballs in 'Creepy' Video

A factory worker has revealed how they assemble dolls in a series of clips which have been branded "creepy."

TikToker Xiangmzxm filmed themselves working on a production line, in an unknown location, surrounded by hundreds of doll heads. Numerous videos share the process for adding hair onto scalps, which is done via a fast needle, similar to a sewing machine, which threads locks onto the toys.

The worker guides the doll's head, ensuring an even coverage of hair, and they always finish with two lines on the top of the head, mimicking a middle parting. Various clips show the lightning-quick machine threading pink, blonde, brown and black hair onto the dolls.

Xiangmzxm added the hashtags "manufacturing," "handmade," and "Barbie" onto the clips, although the doll doesn't quite resemble the iconic Mattel product.

Xiangmzxm's most popular video, shared earlier in July, has amassed a whopping 37 million views as people admitted they were fascinated by the process. Numerous people also feared for the workers' hands, as most clips revealed the workers skillfully adding hair without gloves.

Commenting on the footage, PG asked: "Any protection on fingers? Where is health and safety?"

As well as hair, other videos reveal how eyeballs, eyelashes and eyebrows are attached to the heads. Another popular clip, posted in June, racked up 10 million views as it filmed the machine which added fake lashes.

Other clips show faceless beige heads making their down conveyor belts, as giant machines stamp them in turn. While one chilling contraption has four spindly arms which pull open the empty eye socket, ready for a worker to pop in an eyeball.

The production line has received mixed reviews from viewers, with some likening it to a horror movie. Brick commented: "Could dolls get any creepier? Yes. . . it turns out they can."

BurntRice373 thought: "The next SAW movie should be made in a Barbie factory."

Allisson declared: "That is scary."

Sarah admitted: "Why is this oddly satisfying to watch?"

"I've watched this a million times and still don't know where [if] the needle's from top or bottom," said Dion Sadasey.

Agreeing, Jeremy and Morgan Evan added: "I'm so confused as to how that machine works lol."

While Elizabeth Arias203 said: "Wow that's crazy I never knew how they put hair on dolls amazing."

And commenting on the production line, A Little About A Lot joked: "I need one of these to get me ready in the morning."

Newsweek reached out to Xiangmzxm for comment.

File photo of a doll's head.
File photo of a doll's head. Factory workers have been sharing videos revealing how they add eyeballs and hair onto the toys. Gitanna/Getty Images