Donald Trump Says Letitia James Probe Into His Businesses a 'Racist Attack'

Donald Trump has said the two New York investigations into his businesses are "racist" attacks against him while claiming his long-term accounting firm cut ties with his company following "intimidation" from the legal authorities.

In a lengthy statement dated February 15, the former president hit out at New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg—who are both Black—after accounting firm Mazars announced they will no longer be working with the Trump Organization as a decade's worth of financial statements cannot be "relied upon."

The statements of financial condition from June 30, 2011 to June 30, 2020, which Mazars have essentially withdrawn, are a key part of James' probe into allegations that Trump, as well as his children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., inflated the value of some New York properties to obtain better bank loans and other financial benefits.

James' investigation is running parallel with Bragg's investigation, which is looking into alleged felony tax fraud by the Trump Organization and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg. The 74-year-old is due to stand trial in allegations that he avoided taxes on more than $1.7 million, which he denies.

Trump launched a prolonged attack against both James and Bragg, suggesting that they should focus on violent crimes in New York which have "gone through the roof" instead of trying to investigate his business dealings.

Trump also said the New York prosecutors should be looking into the disputed claims that Hillary Clinton aides were "caught spying" into his office, stating that the crime is "so grave that it once called for the death penalty as punishment" to those found guilty.

"It doesn't get any worse than that! After five years of constant bombardment, this political and racist attack must stop. Look to the murderers, drug dealers and rapists instead," Trump said.

"The actions of the AG and DA, including the Radical Left Westchester County DA [Miriam E. Rocah] who was a Trump hating contributor at MSNBC, reveal the vile and malicious intent that underlies the nonstop barrage of insults and threats aimed at me and the Trump Organization, including their years-long review of over nine million pages of documents that go far beyond the Statute of Limitations."

Trump said that the investigations are another "witch hunt" against him, along with his two impeachments and Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Trump and his family have long claimed the New York investigations into him are politically biased, noting how James had previously promised her office was going to be "a real pain in the a**" for the former president after she was elected in 2018.

In December 2021, Trump accused James' investigation into his business of being "prosecutorial misconduct."

During his campaign trial for the Manhattan DA job, Bragg also repeatedly said that he sued Trump's administration "more than a hundred times" during his previous role with the New York attorney general's office.

Elsewhere, Trump said Mazars actually cut ties with his company because of "vicious intimidation tactics" from the New York authorities investigating him.

"The accounting firm Mazars has been threatened, harassed, and insulted like virtually no other firm has ever been," Trump said.

"They were essentially forced to resign from a great long-term account by the prosecutorial misconduct of a highly political, but failed, gubernatorial candidate, Letitia James, and the Hillary Clinton run District Attorney's Office of Manhattan, where crime has reached levels not even thought possible.

"Mazars, who were scared beyond belief, in conversations with us made it clear that they were willing to do or say anything to stop the constant threat which has gone against them for years. They were 'broken' and just wanted it all to stop. I wish they had the courage to fight it out, but they didn't, and who can blame them."

Trump reiterated what he described as Mazar's "forced letter of surrender" to Trump Organization attorney Alan Garten that the company has not concluded if the 10 years' worth of financial statements contain any "material discrepancies."

Trump also estimated his net worth to be around $8 to $9 billion because of "fantastic assets" that are more valuable than what was listed in previous financial statements.

James has been contacted for comment.

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Donald Trump has suggested the New York investigations into his businesses headed by New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg are "racist" attacks against him. SAUL LOEB-AFP/ Scott Heins/Getty Images