Donald Trump Says 'Most People' Are Happy With Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Former President Donald Trump has said that "most people" are happy with the verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse after a jury found him not guilty on all charges on Friday.

Trump spoke to Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Friday night and criticized the case against the 18-year-old Rittenhouse, saying he believed it had been "prosecutorial misconduct."

Rittenhouse had been faced with a number of charges. Those charges included first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide. He was acquitted on all counts.

"I think that it was a great decision," Trump told Ingraham.

"I was surprised it had to go this far. Somebody should have ended it earlier. And frankly, the case should have never been brought.

"It was prosecutorial misconduct in my opinion, and there's plenty of it going on in this country right now. It was disgraceful," he said.

Trump went on: "If you're talking about innocence based on self-defense, this was the poster boy.

"I think he would have been dead if he waited a quarter of a second when that gun was pointed at his head," Trump said, referring to Gaige Grosskreutz, who had pointed a gun at Rittenhouse and survived being shot by the teenager.

"That guy was gonna pull that trigger. And literally, you're talking less than a second he would have been dead," the former president said. "There would not have been a trial because they would not have tried the person who pulled the trigger."

"I was very happy to see it. A lot of people were happy to see it - most people," Trump added.

Trump went on to criticize the prosecution, saying he was surprised a case had been brought against Rittenhouse.

"The prosecutors, what they did in order to try to win, instead of looking for justice they were just looking for a win. It was probably a political case to a large extent. I've seen more political cases, but this was a political case also," Trump said.

"They did a very bad job and I think they gave another big bad mark for prosecutors," he said, arguing again that Rittenhouse should not have been prosecuted.

"This is a young man who should not have been prosecuted, based on every ounce of evidence that you look at," the former president said.

Trump called Rittenhouse "brave" for taking the stand and said he was "proud" of the jury, whom he said were "under pressure to do the wrong thing."

The former president also offered praise for the presiding judge, Bruce Schroeder, whose actions and comments made him a subject of criticism and controversy.

"I love the way the judge started - but they started getting him from the standpoint they were trying to intimidate the judge, both outside and inside the courthouse. He held up. He was having a hard time for a while," Trump said.

"I thought the judge could have ended the case earlier," he added.

Toward the end of his interview, Trump said: "A lot of people would have been very angry in this country if that young man was in any way convicted."

Trump Pumps His Fist at CPAC
Former US President Donald Trump pumps his fist as he walks off after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas on July 11, 2021. Trump has praised the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Andy JACOBSOHN / AFP/Getty Images