Trump's Video of Biden Repeatedly Speaking Out Against Fracking Viewed Over 10 Million Times

President Donald Trump's campaign video of Joe Biden speaking out against fracking has been viewed 10 million times. The video, which was shared late on Thursday night following the final presidential debate, features various clips of presidential candidate Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris discussing their views on fracking.

The video includes clips of Biden saying he would eliminate fossil fuels like coal and fracking and that there would be no more subsidies for either one, while another clip sees Biden guaranteeing that they would end fossil fuel.

Here you go @JoeBiden!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 23, 2020

Other clips show Biden say he would gradually move away from fracking, phase out fracking, and that there would be no more new fracking. Harris is featured saying that it's "critically important" that they end any fossil fuel leases on public lands and says that there is no question that she is in favor of banning fracking.

The video ends with a message that says: "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban fracking and kill American jobs." At the time of writing, Trump's video has been viewed 10 million times, retweeted more than 120,000 times, and has been liked more than 280,000 times.

Trump posted the video in rebuttal of Biden's claim in the presidential debate on Thursday that he never said he wants to ban fracking. The president said that Biden had made the claim on tape, to which Biden responded: "Show the tape, put it on your website. The fact of the matter is he's flat lying."

While Biden has said that he opposes fracking in the past, as seen in the video posted by Trump, Biden's current position is to phase out fracking rather than banning it outright.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Biden wants to ban fracking, but Biden's actual position is that he would ban new gas and oil permits, which includes fracking, on federal lands only, despite the majority of oil and gas not coming from federal lands, as reported by Associated Press.

The claims are being repeated by other Republican leaders. Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas—the state which produces the most crude oil and natural gas in the U.S.—repeated Trump's claims that Biden will destroy American jobs by transitioning away from oil.

Fracking is the process of extracting gas through hydraulic fracturing. It is an important industry in parts of the U.S., including Pennsylvania, but it is opposed by environmentalists and by some Democrats for its impact on the environment.

Joe Biden
Democratic Presidential candidate and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22, 2020. President Donald Trump's video of Biden speaking out against fracking has been viewed 10 million times. Getty/Jim Watson