Dr. Oz Roasted During Pennsylvania Senate Debate in Viral Video

A clip of Republican Senate candidate David McCormick criticizing fellow candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz has gone viral on social media.

The clip has been viewed over 130,000 times on Twitter and shows McCormick accusing his fellow candidate of flip-flopping on issues during the GOP debate on Monday.

"Now he is flip-flopping, and the problem, Doctor, is there is no miracle cure for flip-flopping," McCormick said while facing Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz did not face McCormick as he criticized him and instead continued to look forward while smiling slightly.

"Pennsylvanians are seeing right through your phoneyness and that is what you are dealing with, and that is why you are not taking off in the polls," McCormick continued.

The GOP Pennsylvania Senate Primary running has seen both candidates regularly attack the other.

Yesterday, on his Facebook page, an image was shared of Dr. Oz criticizing McCormick.

"Dave McCormick likes to keep calling himself the 'America First' candidate, but voters won't be fooled," he said.

"President Trump endorsed ME because I am the America First Republican in this race."

Trump endorsed the doctor, who rose to fame through The Dr. Oz Show, earlier this month during a rally in Selma, North Carolina, and praised him as a candidate who is "smart, tough, and will never let you down."

However, Trump's decision proved concerning to some Conservative figures.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said she believed Trump had made a mistake with this choice, while speaking on her show.

Sean Parnell, the Senate candidate Trump previously endorsed before he dropped out, wrote on Twitter that he is "disappointed" with Trump's choice. While Representative Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, blamed Trump's staff for the endorsement.

Last week, McCormick's website also shared a Philadelphia Inquirer report that questioned whether Dr. Oz was a Conservative. The report reflected on Dr. Oz's comments surrounding issues including guns, abortion and fracking.

McCormick's Twitter page is also very critical of Dr. Oz and has shared clips and statements from his fellow candidate to indicate why he should not win Pennsylvania citizens' votes.

One video shared yesterday, however, showed a clip of McCormick during the debate as he attempted to appeal to citizens and highlighted why he deserved their votes.

"The stakes are high, ladies and gentlemen. The country is headed in absolutely the wrong direction," McCormick said.

"I am battled tested, I've served in our military, I've put America first, I have gone into combat, I have built businesses, I have built businesses that created jobs in Pennsylvania.

"I am an outsider and I will go fight for you because I am you."

He closed by saying: "The thing you can count on with me is I say what I believe and I will do what I say. I would be honored to have your vote and privileged to be your senator."

Newsweek has contacted Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick for comment.

Dr Oz David McCormick
Dr. Mehmet Oz (left) receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 11, 2022 in Hollywood, California. David McCormick accused Dr. Oz of flip-flopping on issues during a debate on Monday. JC Olivera/Getty Images/Facebook