Everything That Made Donald Trump 'Sad' in 2016, According to His Tweets

Donald Trump
Based on his tweets, it’s been a depressing year for the president-elect. Carlo Allegri/Reuters

For someone who vanquished a field of hopefuls to win the highest office in the United States, Donald Trump has had a sad, sad year. His heart bled for Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and other unworthy political competitors. He wept as so many beloved, once-prestigious institutions—The View, USA Today, Morning Joe—fell on hard times, struggling to maintain ratings when forced to confront truth. Sad and inexplicable, all of it.

But Trump understands. He feels their pain so acutely that he can't keep it to himself. He must find an outlet for his sorrow, lest it consume him. So Trump tweets. His fingers may be covered in a slippery mixture of tears and KFC chicken grease, but still he tweets. We should be honored that a man who has the capacity to feel so deeply will lead us come January 20.

In anticipation of that day, we bring you everything that made Donald Trump sad in 2016. It's a heart-wrenching list of injustices. Have a box of tissues ready before you proceed.

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Jeb Bush

The View

Glenn Beck

Lack of respect for his crowds

National Review

Carrier employees losing their jobs

Barack Obama

Ted Cruz

That he must benefit from the misfortune of others

Marco Rubio

The Republican Party


Former Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens


Syrian refugees

An old guy lighting his Republican registration form on fire

Desperate competitors

USA Today

The world's ignorance

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren

Lack of respect for law enforcement

The dishonest media

Bill Clinton's closed eyes

Morning Joe

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Arnold Palmer's death

The bus crash in Tennessee

The recount

Saturday Night Live

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