Ex-Trump Aide Invites Marjorie Taylor Greene to Meet Pentagon Staff Who Experienced 9/11

Alyssa Farah, who served as a press secretary at the Pentagon and later as President Donald Trump's director of strategic communications, has hit out at GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after a recording emerged of the far-right Georgia lawmaker backing debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Greene has already become one of the most controversial House lawmakers since taking office on January 3, having been elected in the November to represent Georgia's 14th district.

She has been criticized for—among other things—trying to overturn the presidential election results citing Trump's baseless electoral fraud allegations; supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory; anti-Semitic and Islamophobic statements; and for calling for the execution of Democratic politicians.

On Sunday, Farah was among those who attacked Greene for her apparent belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories. A video from 2018 recently emerged in which Greene gives credence to a long list of conspiracy theories, including one claiming that American Airlines Flight 77 which hijackers flew into the Pentagon on 9/11 was not a plane, but was in fact a missile or other projectile.

Greene called the flight "the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon," adding: "It's odd there's never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon." This and other 9/11 conspiracy theories have been debunked, but remain in wide circulation online.

Farah, who worked in media and communications for the Department of Defense, wrote on Twitter Sunday in response to the Greene video: "I volunteer to give this woman a Pentagon tour & intro her to my former colleagues who were in the building when the plane hit and who kept working for our country's security while the building was on fire."

Farah began her career working for the far-right website WorldNetDaily, which came to prominence by spreading conspiracy theories and fake news. It was founded by Farah's father, Joseph Farah.

The Washington Post has reported that Farah played an important role in shaping the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic while serving as communications director.

The administration's response has been criticized as slow, confused and politicized. CNN reported that President Joe Biden's incoming team inherited a near non-existent plan to handle COVID-19 from the outgoing government.

Farah resigned from her role in early December. She has since criticized Trump for his role in inciting the January 6 storming of the Capitol by a far-right mob intending to overturn the results of the presidential election.

The GOP is under pressure to take action against Greene. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy has said he will speak with Greene this week about her conduct, but outside conservative groups and Democrats are demanding more.

Greene, meanwhile, posted a statement on Twitter dismissing the criticism of her past conduct as a "smear campaign" coordinated by "the radical, left-wing Democrat mob and the Fake News media." She added: "I will never back down. I will never give up," though has started deleting some of her past social media posts, Politico reported.

Marjorie Taylor Green pictured in DC November
Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene arrives at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Capitol Hill on November 12, 2020 in Washington, D.C. Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images/Getty