Farmer Bathes Then Blow-Dries Lamb and the Difference Is Insane: 'Fluffy'

A lamb getting scrubbed and pampered is going viral online, with the animal becoming almost unrecognizable after getting a deep clean.

Keiana Lister, a dairy farmer, went viral in April after she shared a clip of herself bathing a calf.

And now she's back to give another one of her farmyard residents some TLC, this time giving a lamb a bath.

Lister shared a clip to her TikTok account, @motherofcows02, where she brought the lamb inside and popped it in the bath.


After giving a baby cow a bath… I thought it was time to bath a lamb too🐑😅@eleanor_ragan #fyp #animals #agriculture #farming #pet #petlamb #tothesalon #spa #lamb #sheep #womeninag

♬ to the salon - char 😵‍💫

"After giving a baby cow a bath... I thought it was time to bath a lamb too," she captioned the clip, which can be seen here.

She washed it with shampoo, then towel-dried the creature before blow-drying the wool, not forgetting to take care of her hooves.

"Wait till the end and see the difference compared to another lamb, shocking!," she said in the comments.

While Lister also assured viewers she used a special formula to scrub the lamb, saying: "Also, those worried about me washing oils out of the lambs wool, I use products especially for livestock animals, not just any old soap."

And she claimed the sheep enjoyed her pampering, adding: "She did start to jump out at first because she was like what's happening?! And after she had some nice warm water and scratches she loved it."

The video, shared on Thursday, has already racked up more than 1.4 million views as people were blown away by the transformation.

Pamela joked: "My toxic OCD would be wanting to do the entire herd of sheep so they're all white & fluffy!!"

Jemima Layton raved: "The lamb is like.... Same time next week yeah!?"

Natalie reckoned: "Now u need to wash all of them."

Laura Wade gushed: "Wow love how fluffy he/she looks."

Sara Margaret510 joked: "Is this been done on the wool setting, in case of shrinkage."

Ava'sAromas Wax Melts remarked: "Wow the colour difference is amazing."

While Danni added: "This is the most spoiled sheep I've ever seen and I'm 100% here for it! Fluffy baby!"

For anyone wondering how to wash a sheep, or for any farmers who are inspired to give their own lamb a scrub, there's detailed instructions on how to safely clean the animal online.

the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension County Offices shared an infographic, advising to use a blow dryer first to blast off as much excess dirt as possible.

"Wet thoroughly to tail to remove additional dirt, lanolin and grime. Make sure to close off the ears when using water on the head and face," the infographic said.

Just like Lister, it advised forgoing brushes and using hands to scrub the coat. Dry the sheep thoroughly, condition the legs and blow-dry the body. While it also advised a quick shear at this point if required.

Newsweek reached out to Lister for comment.

File photo of a lamb.
File photo of a lamb. A farmer bathed one of her sheep, and the difference is incredible. Enjoylife2