Jeffrey Epstein's Island Visited by Dozens of 'Flight Simulator 2020' Players

People are using the ultra-realistic Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to virtually visit the infamous island owned by the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Videos and images on sites such as YouTube and Twitter have revealed that gamers are using the popular simulator, which allows people to fly anywhere in the world, to digitally explore Epstein's private Caribbean island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Little St James.

Little St James, dubbed "Pedophile Island," is alleged to have been a location where the billionaire financier, who died by suicide in August 2019, trafficked and sexually abused young women and girls.

The island was also known to have been frequented by several of Epstein's high-profile friends, including the British Royal family's Prince Andrew.

Users have been able to find Epstein's island using coordinates of its location and the game's software which incorporates Microsoft's Bing Maps, which allows the game to recreate the entire world.

Busy day on Epstein's island

— Boldly Distancing (@BoldlyBuilding2) August 20, 2020

FOLKS, it seems I'm not the only one visiting Epstein's island

— Boldly Distancing (@BoldlyBuilding2) August 18, 2020

Tweets from Twitter user @BoldyBuildng2 shows several planes—each one being a different online player—who decided to fly over to Epstein's island.

@BoldyBuildng2 has also documented flying over Area 51 using Flight Simulator 2020, describing what he found at the secretive base as merely barracks which were a "weird multicolored mess of vaguely European-style apartments."

Videos on YouTube also show players flying to Little St James in Flight Simulator 2020.

However, there isn't too much that people can do once they get to the island apart from fly around it or land.

Users have also pointed out that the game is not a 100 percent accurate representation of the island, including the absence of a building with a dome-shaped roof which has become the subject of various conspiracy theories.

Another Twitter user also said that the game developers haven't appeared to leave any so called "Easter eggs"—a hidden item or message which users are encouraged to find—on the island

"I'm one of guys in the image, didn't see any," tweeted @Ranek405. "The island is pretty small and uses the lowest quality data to be generated so wasn't expecting much tbh."

In its 10 out of 10 review of the game IGN described Flight Simulator 2020 as "legitimately incredible."

The review adds: "It's difficult to fully describe how amazing it feels to jump into a plane and have the freedom to fly to and from literally any place in the entire world. Seeing famous landmarks, landing at the world's most recognizable airports, or just touching down in a remote landing strip in South America is mind-bogglingly cool and an absolutely unparalleled way to virtually explore our world."

However, some users have pointed out some major flaws in the game's design, including showing Buckingham Palace as resembling a large apartment block.

Flight Simulator 2020
Flight Simulator 2020, released this month, has been met with huge critical acclaim. Microsoft/Xbox