Florida Man Who Trapped Alligator in Trash Can Back Battling Snakes in Yard

A Florida man who went viral after successfully trapping a large hissing alligator inside a trash can has been back in action dispatching another reptile intruder.

Eugene Bozzi, 36, who is an army veteran from Philadelphia, was hailed as a hero earlier this month after he was filmed using a waste container to capture the six-foot gator outside his home in Orange County.

A video of his ingenious capture of the potentially dangerous reptile has been viewed 170,000 times on Bozzi's official Instagram account and over 4.5 million times on Twitter.

CNN's Chris Cuomo was among those to praise his efforts, claiming Bozzi was able to pull off the feat on account of his Italian last name.

The Philadelphia native later told the broadcaster he actually came up with the idea after watching several videos on Animal Planet.

Now a new clip has emerged showing Bozzi back in action. The only differences are that this time there isn't a trash can in sight, while his reptile foe is a large snake rather than an alligator.

In a video posted to Instagram, Bozzi can be seen carefully carrying the reptile away from the yard outside what appears to be his home, using a blanket to contain the animal and prevent any bites.

The amateur reptile wrangler is holding a broom in his hand, having evidently used the cleaning tool to guide the snake into the aforementioned blanket.

"Damn snakes in the house and grass LOL," he writes.

In the clip he is seen taking the snake away from a lit part of the street near his home off to a darker area away from the glare of the streetlights.

At the time of writing, the clip had garnered more than 5,000 interactions on Instagram with fans flocking to the video's comments section to talk about Bozzi's latest animal exploits.

Kt_is_my_agent branded him "Crocodile Bro-dee" and asked "do you live next to a swamp?" while Haitian_goat jokingly predicted: "Bro about to find a lion next."

Paytollz.eny asked: "Do you live in the Amazon?" Prettydope1908 noticed Bozzi was wearing "the same flip flops" as those seen in his original video and theorized that something must be "attracting" these different reptiles to his home.

Others, like shaunie_b_entertainment, just wanted more, suggesting he make his own "animal capture show" off the back of his newfound viral video fame.

Brendajoythompson declared: "That's one of the reason I won't move to Florida."

It wasn't all fun and games though with britty.beez critical of Bozzi for appearing to discard the snake in a neighbor' s front garden.

"What the hell," they wrote. "So you just let it go so it can crawl in somebody else's yard?"

Newsweek has contacted Bozzi for comment.

Snakes remain a constant source of fascination on social media.

Earlier this October, footage of a giant python disrupting a picnic proved popular on TikTok while, prior to that a woman suffered the fright of her life after discovering dozens of rattlesnakes tangled beneath the floorboards of her house.

Alligator Trash Can
Man traps alligator in trash can in Florida. @norfphilly_geno/Instagram