Floyd Ray Roseberry, Capitol Bomb Threat Suspect, to Biden in Livestream: 'It's on You, Joe'

The suspect involved in the active Capitol bomb threat investigation has been identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry from North Carolina, CBS News confirmed on Thursday.

NEW: CBS News confirms the man in a truck near the US Capitol who claims to have a bomb is Floyd Ray Roseberry of Grover, NC. He wants President Biden to resign and claims in a Facebook livestream that “the revolution is on.”

— Ben Tracy (@benstracy) August 19, 2021

Earlier today, the U.S. Capitol was placed under lockdown and surrounding areas were evacuated as authorities investigated a "suspicious vehicle."

Evacuated buildings included the Supreme Court, the James Madison Memorial Building and Thomas Jefferson Building, both part of the Library of Congress, and the Cannon House Office Building.

Congress is currently on a scheduled recess, but some staffers were still present in various offices around Capitol Hill Thursday.

The Capitol Police advised people to steer clear from the area and said on Twitter that a suspect parked his vehicle near the Library of Congress, and added that they are still investigating the situation.

"This is an ongoing investigation. We are monitoring this situation closely and will update this account as we get information we can release," the account tweeted.

Roseberry claimed in a live streamed video which Facebook removed he had explosives that would blow up the area. He also wants President Joe Biden to resign and called for Democrats to step down. He also called for President Joe Biden to resign and added "the revolution is on. It's here. It's today."

"If you blow my truck up, hey. It's on you, Joe. I'm ready to die for the cause," he said. He also claimed that former president Donald Trump will return to office and pardon him.

This appears to be the livestream of the man who is sitting in the pickup truck near the US Capitol https://t.co/sNKdRHRQSU pic.twitter.com/fywOoRkuWI

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 19, 2021

In a 31-minute video, Roseberry criticized the U.S. health care and the military and made explosions-related threats. He said the explosives would not blow up unless someone shot a bullet through the window of his pickup truck window.

"You can shoot me and kill me right here and blow up two and a half city blocks," he said.

During the video, 49-year-old Roseberry criticized the Biden administration's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

"I want to go home just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home, those people's lives are in your hands," he said. "Afghanistan, I am standing for you strong. So if they blow me up, I hope someone takes revenge on that because I am a patriot. I would die for this land. I love this land."

Later on in the video, Roseberry admitted that he lied to his wife and told her he was going fishing and left North Carolina before she woke up.

Roseberry's wife told me that her husband left North Carolina last night and said he was going on a fishing trip. She says her husband has been upset of the result of the Presidential election and voted for the first time in his life for President Trump @nbcwashington https://t.co/yuya2qxOsE

— Tom Lynch (@TomLynch_) August 19, 2021

Roseberry's wife told NBC that her husband has been upset about the outcome of the presidential election and that his vote for Trump was his first vote in his life.

In another video that was posted earlier on Facebook, Roseberry said that Trump will return to office and pardon everyone, hoping he will be pardoned too, the Daily Voice and TPM reported.

In video from early Tuesday morning, Capitol bomb threat suspect says he and those like him are the "last generation", says Trump will become President after Biden steps down and Democrats are imprisoned. Says Trump will pardon everyone. He hopes for pardon himself. pic.twitter.com/qljmBePQWW

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) August 19, 2021

In Facebook video, Capitol bomb threat suspect repeatedly invokes Trump and the fall of Kabul. Attacks Biden and Pelosi. Says Trump will become President again after Biden is driven from office. Says Trump will then pardon everyone.

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) August 19, 2021

Eventually, Roseberry surrendered "without incident" and was taken into custody after hours-long negotiations with law enforcement, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said during a news briefing.

"He got out of the vehicle and surrendered, and the tactical units that were close by took him into custody without incident," Manger told reporters.

Law enforcement used white boards and a robot to communicate with Roseberry, according to Manger. They used a robot to send him a telephone "but he would not use the telephone."

U.S. Capitol bomb threat suspect identified
The suspect who has threatened to bomb the the U.S. Capitol area has been identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry. Above, U.S. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger speaks to the press near the U.S. Capitol as police investigate a possible bomb threat, in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images