How To Travel With Icy Feet in 'Fortnite' Chapter 3 and Complete the Winterfest Challenge

One of the new Winterfest challenges in Fortnite requires that you travel 200 meters with Icy Feet. This guide will show you how to master this unorthodox traversal method and complete this quest in no time.

Fortnite recently began commemorating the holidays with its Winterfest 2021 event. During this celebration, you have the opportunity to explore a seasonally decorated version of the island, unwrap free gifts at the Cozy Lodge and participate in limited-time challenges.

These new missions are being intermittently added to the battle royale shooter between now and January 6, and they aim to get you into the festive spirit by doing things like rounding up lost toys. One of the most recent examples is a challenge that tasks you with travelling for at least 200 meters with Icy Feet.

If you read that description and have no idea what the game is even asking you to do, then Newsweek has prepared a quick walkthrough.

What Are Icy Feet in 'Fortnite'?

Icy Feet in Fortnite
Image shows a character with the Icy Feet status effect in "Fortnite". A new challenge in the game requires that you travel 200 meters with Icy Feet. Epic Games

To clarify, Icy Feet is not an item that can be picked up in Fortnite, like Spider-Man's mythic web-shooters.

Instead, it is more like a status effect that can be applied to players under certain conditions. You can tell if somebody has Icy Feet, as there is a clear visual indicator for this with their shoes literally be encased in solid blocks of ice.

Icy Feet is only a temporary status effect that lasts for just a few seconds. While it is applied, your movement will be far clumsier, and you will skid all over the place. On the other hand, you will also be able to build up significant momentum and travel at an increased speed, but this might be difficult to control.

How To Get Icy Feet in 'Fortnite'

There are currently two ways to get Icy Feet in Fortnite.

The most obvious method is to try and collect some Chiller Grenades (which are explosive devices that look a bit like snowballs) and then throw them directly at the ground in front of you. This will create a radial blast of frost that temporarily encases your feet in ice.

Based on our tests, you will only be frozen long enough to get about 50 meters worth of travel time from each grenade, so you will need at least 4 of them to complete the new Winterfest quest. Chiller Grenades can be found in random chests around the island, but they are also prone to spawning on rooftops as well (see the screenshot below for an example).

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Alternatively, you can also get Icy Feet by getting close to a snowman and then hitting it with your harvesting tool. Again, you should get about 50 meters of travel per snowman, so you will need to find a quartet of them to complete the quest.

We managed to find a bunch of snowmen near Camp Cuddle. The specific location can be seen below.

Snowmen in Fortnite
Image shows a trio of snowmen in "Fortnite". By hitting one of these with your harvesting tool, you will be given the Icy Feet status effect. Epic Games