'Fortnite': Can You Kill the Butter Cake Monsters in the New Update?

The Klombo, or Butter Cake monster as it is colloquially known by fans, is a brand-new creature in Fortnite that can be found roaming the island. This prehistoric behemoth is mostly docile but will attack if provoked, which may leave you questioning if it can actually be killed.

Klombos were added in the v19.10 update of Fortnite. The official patch notes don't give you any information about taking the creatures down and instead focus on how you can befriend them with offerings of Klomberries and use their whale-like blowholes to soar high into the air.

To reiterate, the Butter Cakes are completely herbivorous and will ignore you unless you behave antagonistically (or if somebody nearby starts a fight). When that happens, they will turn a dark shade of red, gnash their razor-sharp teeth and get ready to charge.

At this point you will learn that these gentle giants can actually be rather dangerous. They will get up close to inflict heavy melee damage and are capable of spewing lava at distant targets. Their aggro range is also pretty big and they will keep pursuing threats until they're outside the territorial bubble.

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Where To Find Butter Cake Monsters in 'Fortnite'

Given that they are mobile NPCs, you're not guaranteed to find Klombos in any precise spots on the Fortnite map.

However, there are general areas that the monsters like to patrol. In particular, we have managed to track them down (in several matches) to the north of The Daily Bugle and in the snowy region to the northwest of Titled Towers. When you are in close proximity, you will be able to hear their booming footsteps.

The Klombo locations have been circled on the map below.

Fortnite Klombo Dinosaur Locations
Image shows the "Fortnite" Chapter 3 map. The territories of two Butter Cake monsters have been circled in red. Epic Games

Can You Kill Butter Cake Monsters in 'Fortnite'?

Klombos are incredibly cute (resembling Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series), so only the most heartless of players would even dream of killing them. That being said, you might be wondering if the giants will drop any valuable loot when slain.

If you've already tried to take down a Butter Cake monster, you will likely have discovered that it was a tougher fight than you bargained for. The creatures are capable of depleting your shield with just a couple of attacks and they really don't let up.

What's more, they seem to just soak up ammunition without flinching. You can unload the most powerful shotguns, assault rifles or grenade launchers in the game, and they will only inflict one damage per round. Even if you have Mythic or Exotic variants of these weapons, they still won't make a dent in the creature's overall health.

At first you might think this is like an especially challenging Dark Souls foe, or one of those MMORPG bosses that require multiple players to gang up on them. Yet it turns out that persistence is not the key here.

Many players have tried and failed to defeat Klombos already, using the powerful guns available in match types where there are no time restrictions. They simply cannot be killed at the time of writing, but it's possible that Epic might update the game if this becomes a highly requested feature.

As such, if you do incur the wrath of a Butter Cake monster, your best bet will be to either run away or feed it a Klomberry so that it calms down.

In related news, Fortnite will soon be returning to Apple devices, but not through the App Store.

Buttercup in Combat
Image shows a Klombo in its aggressive state. Once you enrage the monster, it will turn red, gnash its teeth and get ready to spew lava. Epic Games

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